Group workshops and classes

Meditation SpaceWelcome to Universal Change Group – Rhia Valentine (Thats me in the picture) runs Classes, Presentation Evenings and Group workshops regularly, Plus online webinars and courses on a wide range of personal development, spirituality and consciousness themes including:

Contact Me for more information or look at testimonials to see what people say about their experiences. If the classes presently running do not fit your schedule please feel free to request a new time.


Friday Nights in BrisbaneFriday Night Presentations & Networking In Brisbane
WHO wants to be more conscious and stay that way!

Once a fortnight on a Friday evening UCG is presenting and holding social education sessions on a range of high-end development topics. After the presentation there will be opportunity to mingle with other attendees and make new connections with like minded people.  These nights provide practical conscious solutions. Ongoing support and collaboration opportunities.

Lets connect and work together. Next night is 11th April!.

The Conscious Creation Circle Ceremony –  Friday the 25th of April 2014 
Conscious Creation Circle
The Conscious Creation Circle Ceremony is a monthly gathering via distance for those conscious souls who are interested in mastering themselves and their lives. Participants can step into each ceremony monthly or choose to be involved in individual ceremonies to support specific times/ and manifestation of goals in their lives. There are no lock in’s and numbers are limited. The fee for this amazing energetic exchange of support from me with this incredible boost to you is $60. I have been working in this way, consciously creating for over 5 years and in conjunction with some incredible tools gifted me direct from source. It is a truly awe-inspiring experience and if you’d like some of my support I warmly welcome you within this circle.

 Meditation Classes

To maintain high standards here at Universal Change group we have some guidelines to ensure the vibration and integrity of what we do remains at the highest possible. We are sure this resonance will also attract the very best people who are perfect and right for or classes and groups too :) So Welcome to Universal Change Group.

Meditation Classes BrisbaneThe Following guidelines apply to all meditation class members.

  • An agreement must be signed and recorded by all students. (no signing no attendance) Click here to view a copy of the agreement.
  • As class numbers are limited bookings are necessary to secure your place.
  • Upon arrival all Students follow the sign in procedure.
  • All content, information, techniques and procedures learnt or practiced in the class  are the property of Universal Change Group and are not to be copied or shared in any way. Particularly in a professional context or for use on another person in any kind of therapy or other forms of sessions. (Unless with written prior consent.)

 Meditation cushions, yoga mats and materials are all provided.

meditation classes brisbaneTuesday Evening Meditation Classes 

(Ladies only)

These meditations are easy to follow, guided meditations that are always positive, rejuvenating, and restorative.
The meditation session runs for around 45mins and is followed by a wonderful energetic healing practice. There is discussion time after each class for anyone who wishes to share. Beginners welcome! Click in the testimonials page to read what some class embers say about their experiences of meditation class.

When:        Every Tuesday 7pm
Cost:          $20 per class
Bookings:  or  Ph 0450 520 438

Read on for more..

Are you wanting to take a step forward or more accurately a deeper step within yourself. So you may grow and expand your consciousness and system in a stable and supportive class environment? I have been facilitating and instructing in this way for over 10 years, as well as constantly developing myself to ensure this evolution flows on through my work and everyone else involved with Universal Change Group.

The weekly Tuesday night class is, filled with practical steps, different methods and processes and I know you will be inspired, informed and excited at what you will learn, and be able to apply it immediately! This purposely-designed class is especially for those seeking to learn more about consciousness and spirituality. So they can develop and connect within themselves as well as expand their abilities. Come along and learn to create balance within the mind, energies and body. Each class runs weekly on a Tuesday evening and is expertly facilitated by Rhia (Me) and involves a range of meditation techniques, expansion procedures, soul connection and much more.

Feel free to contact me if you’d like to learn more.

Bookings:       rhia.valentine@bigpond.comor Ph 0450 520 438

Interested in one on one sessions to accelerate and activate? Or have deep and complete healing? Click here to book or find out more…


NEW Kids Monster Expression Classes 

Brisbane school holidays.

Click here for more…

Kids Meditation & Art expression Classes – Brisbane

This class is designed especially for parents and their kids to relax together, deepen their bond and feel good in a supportive and relaxed environment. It positively affects the kids health, well being and confidence.

Kids meditation picsThis Meditation & Art expression class assists children de-stress, express and relax, assisting in development of their concentration and focus.

Meditation is particularly good as children today are under a tremendous amount of stress from school, their environment, peer competition and expectations from the media. Parents are welcome to attend this course with their children.

The meditation part of the class runs for around 45 mins and is followed by a short 15 mins art session where kids draw and express their experience. Beginners Welcome! See the ‘forkids’ page for more information. or email

Ph 0450 520 438


Expansion, Growth Monthly 1 Day Workshops on Consciousness & Development

Would you like to know exactly how your mind/ body/ energy system works and have access to more of your self, so being able to create better experiences and have far more choices?


Would you like to open yourself to a more conscious life and be able to help others to do the same?

These one day workshops will support you steadily and gracefully in your development. Each month will build and strengthen your consciousness and knowledge. While solidly expanding your own system, raising your capacity and clearing and upgrading your frequency. The first two workshops Level 1 & 2 are essential for the subsequent workshops unless otherwise stated.

Dates for 2014  - Click on the dates to learn more.

9th of February

9th of March

4th of May

15th of June


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    • Hi Julieanne
      I’ll email you in a few days to discuss this. Still working out the details of when and how this can work.
      Im really looking forward to this group and the growth we will all experience. Blessings Rhia x

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