Meditation and Awareness


The purpose of all Meditation techniques is to give your awareness something single to lock into to. This allows it to be free from the habitual identifying with the mind and the personality, for the period of concentration.

By the way, never try to get rid of the personality, it is a hopeless task. Better to embrace all aspects of the psyche in a balanced and conscious way so as not to bury or suppress.

( This can cause problems down the track ) Also, avoid trying to find awareness, you never will. Just be at rest and it will reveal itself. It is something you sense or feel, rather then ‘see’.

Awareness PicAwareness is far more than you ever imagined it to be, and it contains all information of all that is. Of existence, and as you rest in awareness, this information is revealed to you. This awareness permeates the whole universe and beyond. One goal of meditation is to re-identify with your awareness rather than only your human form. To re-establish this awareness and once connected with this, become conscious that this awareness is not a result of the body, or any other physical cause – so it is therefor not limited to the body or the physical levels of the universe. This conscious/ awareness is limitless. It is one and the same thing with all of creation, there is no separation  An enlightened being is someone who has merged his or her individual consciousness with all that is.

It is this awareness which is the ground from which grace grows, because when you meditate regularly you activate grace. And what you are doing when you meditate – you are being conscious of your center or you awareness.

With that in mind, I’d like to invite you to experience true meditation with me on the 21st of July in Brisbane.

Please join us for this 3 hour meditation retreat on Sunday the 21st of July. This Meditation Morning is for those who want to learn about Meditation or are wanting to take their practice to a deeper level.
 The morning will begin with a chanting session to really get the energy moving and the heart center open – for those who have never chanted before it really is an amazing experience and Im sure you find it joyful and uplifting  The meditation format will be a guided body scan to ground and then a guided meditation. Bringing us strongly and firmly into the present and now. Taking more time to “sit” in this deep presence state will enhance our consciousness and awaken more energy and life force into our system. Creating more balance and spaciousness. It will be a casual experience with a warm and friendly group pf people. Meditation will run for 2.5 hours followed by discussion time afterwards where participants can share their experiences.

(Beginners welcome)

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Meditation and the Mind


Meditation and the Mind

Your mind had tremendous power. It has been moulded in particular ways by the process of conditioning. Everyone has been trained to follow particular sets of instructions with regard to their behaviours and actions. To change these instructions requires determination and persistence.

There is an old saying in India – the mind makes an excellent servant but a terrible master. WHat this means is that if you do not have control of your mind and its activities, it will run you, juts playing out the programs which went in when you were growing up.

On the other hand if you bother to take control of your mind, which means to be able to extend the duration of your concentration on the mind itself, then the mind becomes your tool, your servant. And what a brilliant tool it is. As you open up. Your life does a flip and things start to come to you with greater synchronicity.

Many people have a misunderstanding of this concept. What they have been taught and tried to do is dominate and squash the normal functioning of the mind. This cannot be done! Its like trying to stop the heart beating, or your nervous system functioning. If you succeed you will be dead.

180px-ChakrasssThe way – is not to try and stop the mind, but to transcend it, by placing your attention elsewhere, such as the pure essential self, or another ‘MEDITATION technique’. This is what happens when YOU INCREASE THE DURATION OF YOUR CONCENTRATION.

The force of your holding concentration causes an intense awakening of the healing force within you. This healing energy starts to harmonise, balance and release deep holding patterns within you.

Come along to a Meditation class and experience true meditation.

Beginners Welcome!

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When:       Every Thursday 7pm & Friday 9.30am

Cost:        $15 per class


Where: Indooroopilly/ Brisbane

The Trinity of Meditation


 The Trinity of Meditation

Within you are three major forces of life. The first of these is evolution. This is the force of expansion and interaction and growth, which is the primary activity of life. The second is survival. Obviously a member of species cannot evolve if it is dead, so survival has to come in to keep the primary goal of evolution on track. The Third force is that of healing. Again, if a member of a species is sick, contracted from life or diseased in some way, it may not survive and so will not evolve. So life in its great intelligence has created the force of healing to combat these problems.

meditation energyMeditation puts you in touch with these great powers in a very profound and natural way. When you meditate in this classical tradition, you allow and encourage your own deep healing forces to awaken to a more dynamic level so bringing your system into harmony and balance.

In ancient India this increased amplitude of the healing energy is called Shakti, and in the west it is known as Grace. So, in western terms, the goals of meditation is to bring yourself into a ‘state of grace’, a state where you are filled with this highest of healing and harmonizing energies, resulting in total inner freedom.

Meditation, therefor, gives you the means to encourage your inner healing force to awaken.  The reason why meditation techniques enable this is because the average persons system is so contracted and filled with unconscious inner tensions, that it blocks this inner awakening. It is like having a cork in a bottle. The liquid just wont pour out unless the cork is removed.

These inner blockages are essentially physical contractions, a holding on of the cellular structures in the body, based on emotional and psychological tensions, usually anxieties, which went in, during childhood. They are called in today’s terminology, stress. You are totally unconscious of the majority of these inner stresses, as they are buried deeply so you can function in the world. But they still exist and you can see them manifesting in the need to smoke, take drugs, respond with anger and frustration in everyday situations, be desperate to have fun, need to be the center of attention, psychosomatic health problems and myriads of other ways. These are a result of subconscious stress.

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