Vibrations of Growth

Are you growing, raising your vibration, developing your consciousness or involved some form of leaning? Many of us are working on becoming more whole, evolved and expanded.  Changing old patterning and behaviors. Which is exactly right for us at this moment.

Did you know that when we are in a process of growth this frequency or energetic pattern  carry’s in our vibration, no matter what level this growth happens on. This can create uncomfortable feelings of vulnerability, anxiety or even fear in those people around us. Particularly if they are in an unconscious state , very stuck in a set way of being or unable to break free of an old pattern.

Due to a lack of self awareness and understanding this discomfort is projected outwards and often comes out as judgments, ridicule or even plain old bullying.


These ‘people in our orbits’ can often project so much negativity onto us, unconsciously trying to keep us in the same place by gossiping, bullying, treating us like us victim, bringing up old past issues or failures, or even sabotaging our projects or successes. This can also be seen in family situations where 1 member is targeted for being ‘different’.

As each of us shift up in vibration and create a new paradigm its inevitable that relationships and situations from the old state will no longer be a ‘fit’. Unless those people from the old state also begin to grow and evolve. Which is possible!

If this is happening in your life right now, see it as a positive sign that you are growing, that you are moving up. Strengthen your resolve for development and utilize every experience as a way of expansion, embracing all aspects of the situation. Feel free to inbox me if you’d like support with this.

Alternately,  as I write this Im called to question and check myself- as I always do.  Am I doing this to others? Is there a person in my life who I have labeled a certain way, limiting them into stuck patterns and behaviors?

Anybody can change and grow and I know this because I have changed very much over the last 15 years. Ive witnessed many people totally transform their lives through sessions, therapy or other methods.  So from now on I will respond consciously with all people I come into contact with – in a way that allows them the ‘option’ of a new way to respond and hold this vibration in my field. I will make my own choices about people from ‘my experiences’ with them rather than opinions from others that may be years old. That one small shift in  awareness could be the turning point in a persons life.

So if you want to grow and change – go for it! Im holding a very firm space for ALL of you to do it in perfect ways for you.

Be well! Rhia