October Specials & New Kids Monster Class


NEW Kids Monster expression Class

Ive been guided to create this expression class for kids as an avenue for kids to connect with and express themselves in a conscious and supportive environment. The format is a gentle guided body scan to assist kids with becoming present and grounded in the now. Then they are guided within, to meet their inner monster.

Monster classThese inner monsters are as individual as the kids themselves and are brought through to the external world, through a series of art expression methods. These include clay modelling, drawing their monsters with pastels and then some play acting where the kids are given the opportunity to act like their monsters, expressing all of the buried, and suppressed silly, yucky, dirty, noisy sounds and growls that are always frowned upon in normal social environments. These expression methods allow kids to clear out any stresses and buried emotions they may be holding onto to. All this in a safe and conscious environment.

Each child is able to take home their clay model, artwork and a CD audio of the process so they can do this activity at home.
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Life Purpose Activation – October Special

If you have been guided to read this information you are exactly in the right place at the right time. This is DIVINE timing!

Soul HealingNow is the time for each and every soul on this planet to step up and live their Life Purpose.

One exciting thing about all of this is that I am now able to support all of YOU even more with this process and have been guided to encourage YOU to step into a Life Purpose Activation session asap so you can move in alignment with the universal flow. And really step up into your Life Purpose and do your bit for the planet, and the universe. Now really is the time for this as souls across the planet begin to wake up and remember why they are here.

These sessions are normally priced at $100 but for this month of October will be $77! The sessions are done via distance or in person and are an energetic process.

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