The Collective


All life is connected. All people are connected. All beings are connected. This is sometimes known as the universal collective.

What happens is all of us download impressions from, and are in touch with, across all time and all space and beyond, other people, beings and ALL things. ALL things…

This can be illustrated in the examples with the sets of twins, who were separated at birth, and even grew up in different countries, never meeting for decades, or even knowing that their twin existed, but who had countless identical similarities that they had chosen in their lives.

Somehow or other, across countless miles, they were connected. It was as if their minds were in synch, picking the same coloured shirts, drinking the same beer and calling their children by the same name.

This will seem a stretch for some people, because our society is locked into the paradigms of Newtonian physics, where everything is basically mechanical. There is a denial in many of an underlying intelligence to life.

Also because of the school systems and the programs running across society that dumb people down.

But one only has to look into one’s own experience and think about unusual coincidences and synchronicity, or intuition, or premonition, which means a sudden knowing that something is going to happen and it does, or the many other examples that show there is a universal intelligence underlying the whole of life that we can tune in with and take advantage of.

Life is one single, interconnected experience. You are connected with your children and they are connected with you, even if you are not physically in each other’s presence. Like when you know automatically when your child has become ill at school even though the school has not contacted you.

CollectiveAnother example of this could be when two different people come up with exactly the same idea, then take an action on that very same idea. This is the collective unconscious at work and it may be that these two different people are on similar paths, seeking similar goals and are carrying similar vibrations. Some people may know this phenomenon as osmosis. It is actually very common and the more CONSCIOUS you become the more you see and understand.

This is also the case when two people channel or create a technique or method on the spiritual industry. Perhaps separated by hundred of miles and even different cultures and languages. But these two very different people bring the same methods, modalities, and ideas through to the world. They have not copied one another. They have simply been open to the information present in the collective.

Take a minute to check yourself and see if you are behaving in a CONSCIOUS manner or are you needing to DEVELOP your CONSCIOUSNESS.

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