Soul emergence

Feeling the Shift?

Are you experiencing internal changes? Have you been growing or awakening as we all shift up in vibration? Its normal to have changes occur with your likes, interests, things that make you feel good. Its also common to suddenly want to change careers, make different connections and even want to try new things as more of our soul selves embody into the earth level.

The reasons for this are many however what is important is to gracefully allow the shifting happening within. To flow with these emerging aspects and energies so the changes are harmonious and as easy as possible.

Golden 1For example if you have been an accountant for 10 years and you have been feeling the urge to work with animals, begin a period of “Emergence research”  What this means is firstly identify the changes happening within. Once you are aware of what feels good for you and what does not you can start to research the different options available to you.

Here is a short you tube clip of a procedure I call Divine Navigation that may support you with this internal identification process.

Emergence Research

Lets look at good ways to move through these shifting’s. So lets say our accountant Tom lets call him, has identified that he wants to work with animals. Its important for him to be steady and stable with his changes. Especially if he has a family or other responsibilities.

What I suggest Tom does is create a large chart, perhaps like a mind map that he can outline all of the different ways a person could work with animals. So he might start with being a Vet, then a zoo keeper, then a pet groomer, an activist, and so on. There would be myriads of possibilities here. He may also like to become more detailed here, perhaps linking specific actions as sub headings under each main heading.

He literally looks at all of the options available. Doing so will ignite many things. 1 it will fill his system with the subject of animals and align him with his souls vibration and calling, which will activate and open up his system and switch on his recall ability.

Plus it will send a powerful message with whatever it is that he desires, so the universe can get to work to bring that to him. To bring solutions, information, possibilities, ideas, people, resources etc into his orbit that will further support him on his journey.

Having all the options outlined in front of him will enable him to cut away any of these possibilities that are not the right fit. Again using the divine navigation process will be helpful for this aspect.

Also reading up about each option (books, magazines, Internet), discussing it with those who have knowledge of it, and even trying it out part time if that is possible. After experiencing it you will be fully informed and be far clearer on what it is that you want to do.

Once Tom is more clear on what he wants to do he can then follow the next step.

Creating New Experiences

If you fill your ‘system’ with whatever it is that you desire, the universe can get to work to bring that to you.

You will also naturally take appropriate actions to generate the fulfilment of your goals. Use any method that appeals to you to fill your ‘system’ with what you want. Here are some suggestions.

Vision Book

A very useful tool for you to create the improvements and experiences you want to have is called the Vision Book. This is a large book in which you write out in full all your dreams, desires and aspirations. You divide it into headings (described below) and you put everything you want into it.

You use pictures cut out from magazines, coupled with photos of yourself. For instance, if you want to go to China for a holiday, then you would cut out a variety of photos of China with photos of you pasted onto them. If you wanted to be working with the United Nations in Africa, then you would do the same, putting a photo of your head with a UN uniform below it. If you wanted to play competition tennis, then you would put a photo of yourself on a championship tennis court with words like ‘Wimbledon’ pasted below it. This helps greatly to focus your mind on what it is that you want. The mind loves images. It retains them and works on them continually, even when you are asleep.

You can use this idea for any area of your life: – getting fit and healthy, success in business, the house you would like to live in, marriage, academic pursuits, financial independence, climbing Mt. Everest and so on.

Visioning with external pictures and detailed descriptions is an excellent way of focusing your mind on what it is that you want. The mind is the tool that brings you everything. It causes you to make the choices that become your life experience. If you keep filling it with a particular interest or desire, then it will draw you into the opportunities for experiencing those desires.

If you would like more support with this process please consider having an individual session with me, or stepping into a Life Purpose Activation sessions.


Get Growing

•’★¸.•’★ All things in life are either growing or stagnating and dying.

This includes YOU.

At this time it is very important that you take continual actions in your life to ensure that you GROW throughout your life. Growth involves the ‘fruiting’ of your mind/ spirit and body. Just like a mango tree that gives off fruits throughout its life, humans too need to give off ‘fruit’ in order to feel happy and fully alive.

Mango tree

‘Fruiting’ means creating, consciously growing in some or all areas of your life, which ensures that you become more and more alive, more and more in the present with all that you do.

Many problems and unhappiness in life come’s from not growing. You grow by expressing yourself through different modes. By embracing all aspects of your ‘system’.  By becoming more aware and then conscious.

Turn off the TV and the radio. Go within and become aware of your whole system. Living in this way feels good. It feeds your internal cup, fills YOU with life force.

Good ways to grow?

♥♥♥~~ Meditate

♥♥♥~~ Go into nature

♥♥♥~~ Attend a class or workshop

♥♥♥~~ Practice Voice Dialogue

♥♥♥~~  Spend time with other people who are also growing.

Here is a wonderful video for you that I have personally found helpful with my growth.

I will be presenting webinars on these different growth topics in the coming weeks so keep an eye out for them. Also please feel free to contact me with other topics you are interested in. I also have a face book page full of uplifting posts and solutions. 

My Best! Rhia