22 x11 Technique for clearing old patterns


This technique is excellent for clearing patterns and raising your self awareness. As its a long weekend its the perfect time to go within and do some inner work. I have personally found this to be an excellent method and highly recommend. It has worked to bring me the experiences I desired with great success many times.

Choose a goal or desire you would like to experience. Define it as a short statement. Every day for eleven days, write out twenty two times this statement that you wish to see fulfilled. To be effective, your statement must contradict strongly your present circumstance. A weak or general statement is unlikely to bring you a result. There should also be no futures (i.e.: I will be confident) or negatives (i.e.: I will not be shy) in the statement. Keep the statement short and precise and focused on only one issue or subject. Also make it about YOU! Not another person. This technique is best used on oneself. Not trying to manipulate another into an experience with you.

After each statement, write down underneath it (not on a separate page), whatever the response is that comes into your consciousness. So it goes statement/response, statement/response and so on. There should therefore be twenty-two responses each day.

A response can be in thoughts, feelings, emotions or even a blank or sense of nothing coming up. In this last case always write ‘no response’. Whatever thoughts come up, however irrelevant, always write them down, even if they seem very familiar. Feelings or emotions can be identified by writing them down, such as ‘anger’, ‘sadness’, and ‘excitement’. Many of the responses will just be the normal monkey chatter of the mind. These are also recorded as a response. It is vital to record every single response (or no response). This is the key to opening to a deeper level of your mind. You are learning to communicate with more of your mind.

If there is a repeating ‘no response’ (where you have written ‘no response’ several times), or a repeating identical response (such as ‘No, you can’t, No you can’t etc. and these repetitions can be positive or negative), pause for a moment. You have reached a block in your subconscious, where the surface personalities will not let go. Then, write the statement again, close your eyes, verbally repeat the statement silently in your mind, and listen deeply. Be open and concentrate without effort. Wait thirty seconds and something else will arise because the mind cannot stop thinking for thirty seconds. It may be something like ‘this is ridiculous’, or ‘It’s not working’, or ‘I’m bored’. Whatever it is write it down as this is the way to break the impasse. Then continue on as normal, repeating this procedure where necessary.The twenty two times must be completed in one sitting and the eleven days must be completed consecutively. There must be no break from the writing and no day left out in the eleven days. If there is any break at all, then the eleven days must commence again from day one. As long as you stay at the desk or table you are writing at, then you haven’t broken the sitting. In other words if someone comes into the room and asks you a question and you say ‘I’ll be finished soon, can I get back to you then’, it is fine. But if you get up from the table and go and get a drink or answer the phone or the door, then you have broken the session and you have to start again at the beginning. And if you miss a day, then you have to start again on day one.

The statement should not be altered within the writing period of the twenty two times, or the eleven days, except to polish, clarify or improve it. This should only be done at the end of one of the periods of twenty two times, not during it. The personality sometimes likes to play tricks to get you away from this exercise. Stick with it properly. Do not analyse the responses during the writing period as this interrupts the flow. If you wish, they can be examined at the end of each session or at the end of the eleven days or a month later, or not at all. It is sometimes useful to keep them, but take care where you leave them, particularly if they involve someone else.

Beware of overpowering or trivial reasons that may occur to draw you away from the process. These are the very things that hinder you in life when attempting to achieve a goal. They reveal patterns in your subconscious. Stay seated, concentrating on your writing. Don’t take a break for tea or coffee.

Prepare yourself so that you can ignore all interruptions. Make sure that the phone is unplugged or put on an answer machine, and, if necessary, a ‘Do Not Disturb’ note is on your door. During the process, you may feel lethargic, tired or emotional. Even so, continue, as these are normal reactions that are often expressions of sabotage patterns. Whatever comes up is the correct response. The time it takes to free yourself of past patterns is dependent upon the amount of material you have to process.

The 22 x 11 should be repeated until the result you are requiring is gained, or until you lose interest in having that desire fulfilled. Be very alert to life sending you messages which inform you about actions you need to take with regard to your desire. Be certain that you respond to these correctly. You may have to change a behaviour, learn something new, go on a different track to the one you thought, master a skill, or bring an unused talent to the surface. These messages can seem like coincidences, or significant events, and are a result of your focus on the goal of the statement.

Remember it is your focus on what you want that draws the coincidences to you.

Always leave eleven full days between each 22 x 11 about a particular subject. You can do as many different 22 x 11’s as you like each day, about various subjects, but always leave the seven day minimum period between each identical statement or subject.

Writing 22 x 11You can hand write, or use a typewriter, or word processor. If you are using your computer, don’t use the copy function. Make sure that you do not rush through it just to complete it, but use it for what it is designed to be – a means of exploring, and changing the patterns of, your own mind. Also be alert, once you begin a 22 x 11, to the results in the outside world. Sometimes the goal will begin to manifest in your life, and you do not really want it anymore when you see what it actually entails. Just stop the technique and it will dissolve away.

Persist. If you have the desire and you want it fulfilled, keep going. The only struggle is with your own system and the taking of the necessary actions. Life grants abundance if you truly want it and are clear enough to let it into your life.

Keep the process to yourself. It is easy to disempower your ability to be successful by telling others what you are doing. There are always people who will be threatened by your growth and may try to hold you back. They can even do this unconsciously. Succeed first, then tell from your own experience.

If you are working with a partner who is in empathy with your goals, then it is fine to discuss it. Both partners, working on a similar goal with the same technique will find that their power of creation is enhanced.

Good luck My Best! Rhia