Uplifting new service


hello Soul friends.

Im posting today about a new monthly service that has emerged naturally called Lift!

It began as a birthday special – a love light body awakening circle that has had such amazing results its demanded a monthly place and space.

Here’s what the lift circle is all about.

…..LOVE Light body awakening/ activation….to Uplift, heal and Lighten things

These sessions are done energetically  via distance and work on the energy or etherial aspect of the system. Basically the sessions work to gently awaken, uplift and lighten each persons systems. There is a clearing, healing, rejuvenation, and of course a Lift!

Anyone would benefit from experiencing one of these sessions as the intent is always for each persons highest good meaning individuals receive exactly what they require most at the time.

Circle numbers are set at 10 people and only $40 per person. If you feel this resonates with you click here to read more and to book your place.

Circles run monthly with the next set for Wednesday the 10th of September 11.30am

Rainbow LiftRemember these are done energetically via distance and it really is a very straightforward process. Set your intention to receive this Lift in alignment with your highest good and be open to receive. You may also like to be in meditation or sleeping during the awakening. This is not essential and its totally fine to be going about your day as normal too.

★ The Lift activation was so lovely & gentle it literally lifted me into a higher frequency of love and vibrant clarity. I absolutely loved it!! Highly recommend it!!

★ My dearest soul friend Rhia, I wish to thank you from deep within for allowing such a safe, loving, grounded and sacred space to hold as you mastered the ‘lift’ activation. The difference I feel inside myself is just breathtaking. I am just beginning to know and understand myself on a soul level and I cannot express enough gratitude for everything you’ve done. I am very excited to connect with you with more of these ‘lift’ groups. Thank you. 

★ I love love loved it! I feel soooo good, have so much energy and when I listened to the light language toning, the one by its self OMG the inside of my body felt like it was on a suspension bridge, swaying from side to side. Definitely felt that.

★ Wow what an incredible lift! Im feeling really rejuvenated, lighter and clearer. Thank you!

These really are unique and so full of value. If you know someone else who could really do with a lift and some healing please share this amazing new service with them. Anybody would benefit immensely from having a Lift!

I look forward to sharing this incredible evolutionary experience with you. Lets lift together!

My Best! Bright Love Rhia


Meditation – Presence and Now


Your mind had tremendous power. It has been moulded in particular ways by the process of conditioning. Everyone has been trained to follow particular sets of instructions with regard to their behaviours and actions. To change these instructions requires determination and persistence.

There is an old saying in India – the mind makes an excellent servant but a terrible master. WHat this means is that if you do not have control of your mind and its activities, it will run you, juts playing out the programs which went in when you were growing up.

On the other hand if you bother to take control of your mind, which means to be able to extend the duration of your concentration on the mind itself, then the mind becomes your tool, your servant. And what a brilliant tool it is. As you open up. Your life does a flip and things start to come to you with greater synchronicity.

Many people have a misunderstanding of this concept. What they have been taught and tried to do is dominate and squash the normal functioning of the mind. This cannot be done! Its like trying to stop the heart beating, or your nervous system functioning. If you succeed you will be dead.

180px-ChakrasssThe way – is not to try and stop the mind, but to transcend it, by placing your attention elsewhere, such as the pure essential self, or another ‘MEDITATION technique’. This is what happens when YOU INCREASE THE DURATION OF YOUR CONCENTRATION.

The force of your holding concentration causes an intense awakening of the healing force within you. This healing energy starts to harmonise, balance and release deep holding patterns within you.

Come along to a Meditation class and experience true meditation.

Beginners Welcome!

Click here…

When:       Every Tuesday 7pm

Friday:      Every Friday 9.45am

Cost:        $25 per class

Bookings:  rhia.valentine@bigpond.com

Where: Indooroopilly/ Brisbane