Monthly lift circles – details about the light body activations

So I wanted to explain to everybody a little bit more about what’s happening within the monthly lift circles with regard to the light body activations.

So the lift circles do a number of things, which I’ll talk about further down and they also specifically do target light body activation as well as love light body activation which is a little different to the normal standard light body ( I will write an article about that down the track). So I wanted to talk a little bit about that and share more information ‘as I understand it’ so that everybody has a little bit more of an understanding about what’s happening there and also I really encourage you to start working with developing your own light body and becoming familiar with it how it works because it holds a lot of gifts, a lot of abilities and wisdoms and learning’s and things that you’ve actually brought through from other experiences.

There is soooo much to the ‘light body’ way more than what is outlined in this article. This is what I would call introductory level.

060_bitesize_intermediate2_biology_enviromental_geneticsvariation_geneticsSo I’ve got some images there for you as well and hopefully they will help with my explanation a bit more. Lets start with the image you can see the person standing there and within them is a cell. Weve talked before about how the cell has a ring of light around it. Once the light body becomes activated. What happens inside the cell as well and this is were its going to get a bit more detailed with the explanations of whats happening in the lift circle. So the rings around the cells are a general thing that happens with everyone. Within the cells we hold our DNA. So within the DNA and you can see the ladders and both sides of he DNA there so there’s the RNA and the DNA. So what’s happening in the lift circles is I have specific coding that’s coming in, that is building upon each activation. And I just wanted to make this clear its not necessary to keep doing each one, you will always get exactly what need and what you were guided to do please do.

( This is different to the new advanced light body activations some of you are receiving- these are specific for the lift circles.)

Guidance from your soul is always the higher intelligence and it is way more then we could really comprehend especially with this ego matrix that we are all running in at the moment. So each month I will be brining through a specific code for each person’s DNA. And what that code does its like within a dna there is dormant codings, its already there, there are codes, Its already there, just waiting to be switched on to be activated. These are switched and activated in lots of different ways.

imagesSome of these are by specific, certain experiences when we reach certain milestones of development or awakening.

When we have gone thru a learning or reach a milestone, when we really get it. We have an epiphany, we have a break thru, and then our frequency changes, we rise up, or another way to put it – we begin ascend.

So having the increase in frequency, activates these switches that are in our dna in these cells.

Another interaction with a person or being another soul, we have an agreement in place – a soul experience for another person to be switching these codes. You will be guided with that. I do this also, I have many agreements these ‘awakening agreements’ in place to be supporting a lot of people to wake up. To be remembering their soul to be activating the light body, so they cdownloadan embody into the physical body into now – so they awaken, ascend and fully awaken then fulfill their agreements in the planet. If you are guided to someone, if it resonates, if you feel your vibration get higher when you interact, follow that because it usually means there is some kind of agreement in place.

And you know that is a good thing and thats a nice straight forward way of having an activation. That’s what these lift circles are about – part of what they are about. Of course you have responsibility – to continue working on yourself and following through on the different ways to wake up.

I wanted to talk about with regard to the dna and the light body, there are also other things within that, keys, specific coding that is activated and unique frequencies, the general things that come thru, also our unique gifting’s, our wisdoms that we have planned for this experience. So there are also ‘energy points’ that relate to the light body and these muscle-cellsactivations and I will write about these another time.

I wanted to also talk about the cells – having a lot of oils in the diet, magnesium, calcium, as is good nutrition, this will support you as your cells multiply – so its clean and the coding and keys are able to transfer into the new cells as they reproduce.

TYPE 2 COMPOSITE 1So we have different kinds of cells, not just the normal blood cells that travel in our veins. We have Brain cells, Muscle cells, Cells in the stomach for digestion, all over the body, Ive added some images there for you so be aware of these withi your own system. Get to know it on a deeper level.

imagesWhat Im also doing with these lift activations is putting together a meditative process in audio form, in alignment with each activation with comes thru. So everyone can listen and follow along and is fully conscious of whats occurring, for example it’ll be something like – so lets visualise the cells, then dna, the coding, the colours etc… so that its really conscious, you are fully present, so you are getting to know your own ‘system’ your light body in a very intimate way. The more you get to know your LB the more you work with it, the more you going to wake up and ascend, the more light you can hold, the more you are going to be able to embody your soul, your gifts, and have more of an idea of what you are dong on the planet. So that is more about the LBA for the Lift circles.

There is also a general healing (each person receives what they need) , there’s work on the different bodies, the gateways, linked to the light body it’s a bit more advanced and I wont go into that in tis article but I might do down the track, it’s a bit more advanced, I was guided to do this article by my soul self and get it out to you all asap!

There is also a lot of clearing – dense and old energies, old patterns, old asleep agreements. I do a lot of work around that, supporting the clearing and resolution of that.

Its always in alignment with the highest good, with the purest love and light.

Of course there is a whole lot more uplifting, abundance and unique things that come thru each time. I encourage you to step into the circles to experience just how brilliant they are.

If you have any question about the circles please let me know.

My Best! Sparkly Love Light Rhia


the Witness

In our highest soul purpose class this morning we learned about the ‘witness’ Ive been guided to share some of what we cover in this ‘witness’ series with all of you. I hope you find this supportive. Feel free to comment and ask questions.

Below is a short excerpt from this mornings class – Ive chosen the example of redness so it is non confronting and can be related to anyone’s personal situation. Kind of like a 2014 weird Jesus parable, Rhia style 🙂

To explain this in 3D human English language is a challenge but Ive done my best to explain in a simple easy way and yes I know there is some of my ego playing out here.Red poppyWe will be doing more classes around the ‘witness’ over the coming weeks. If you’d like to come along please send me a PM.

To start the class we discussed the ‘witness’ and then each class member participated in a simple but effective guided process, firstly establishing awareness of their own ‘witness’ , then steady building and strengthening. Including writing, mapping and observing. – Remember these terms are in context of this class and the specific processes so please try and view it from this perspective and not any “redness” 🙂

We also connected with our heart’s and through the heart to our soul self.

I’ll keep the process explanations to the classes but if you are interested in learning this please contact me as I do also offer one on one sessions in this area.

Excerpt 1.

“To begin with lets keep it really simple. As you know the ego can get very intense and complex, especially when there is a lot going on with one of our programs.

As we commune with our programs – or whatever it is you are working on, it can be program, a veil, an aspect of personality self, a pattern, a feeling, an experience – this can be applied to anything at all.

So as we commune, see, explore, map, and write out – in this way with that thing in question – our program or whatever it is we build our witness.

So a really simple example Lets Say our program is the colour RED. We commune with the redness through our witness. So, how the redness feels, what the redness thinks – the language, thought patterns, the vibration of redness, the physiology of the REDNESS in our physical bodies and ENERGY bodies, how it plays out in our external lives and experiences , so the structure of the whole thing.

As our witness emerges and starts to grow it has formed some of itself from its experience of redness. In this way

it is the programs and experiences we have that assist us to shape, build and then strengthen our witness – again there is a lot more to this than I can write in a short post.

So whenever we go out into the world and we experience red we have a ‘witness’ an aware understanding of redness. We can ‘see’ it from a higher perspective rather than being immersed in redness, or filtering through red coloured glasses.

And there will be more layers of the redness, but once we have related with the redness to develop and strengthen the witness, it becomes established enough, we then have a higher awareness of how the red plays out – within us and the external environment.

We have a higher view, giving us more choice, options and strength to BE in a new more conscious way.

Initially this higher view reduces judgment of “redness” in others, but there is so much more to this multi faceted higher part of our systems. There really are no words to truly encapsulate the experience of what occurs within our consciousness when we have a sound witness. To catch oneself before falling back into an old program, to no longer judge another when they are in theirs, to have more freedom to BE in a new way is truly liberating.

One of the things I love the most about having a ’witness’ is it gives me space to connect to my heart, to choose LOVE and to have ever deepening connection with my soul self.

I am able to unhook more and more from the programs of the matrix and to create consciously.

If you do find this helpful or wish to forward on, please be conscious and courteous, citing my work, my processes, the information shared in my classes including where you have learned this information. Thank you!

My Best! Rhia ❤

Children’s awakening series 1

She could see bright sparkling lights all around her. Not with eyes that you and I would normally see with. No, the way she experienced sight is the most amazing thing. Its like a sweet yummy taste, a tingling warm feeling and a rush all at once. And that’s just how she experienced ‘seeing’ the other bright lights around her. She was just as bright, sparkling and shinning as she floated there.

There was a vast blackness too, as far and as wide as she could stretch her ‘sight’ which was very very far for her. For she was a soul.

As she looked around her at the other ‘lights’ she could feel the most extraordinary LOVE! The strongest and most pure LOVE ever. She knew she was made of this LOVE too as were the other lights floating around her in the blackness.

images (8)Way way way down below her she could feel a steady beat that had the same LOVE feeling but there was something extra special about this beat.

It communicated with her in the unusual way she communicated. It said “remember we agreed to be together?” Come and be with me. I LOVE YOU!

‘She’ knew she agreed, remembered that it was ‘time’ for her to go and be with the special beat, beat beat of LOVE.

So she created a great rainbow of light that she would slide down into the place where the beat came from. She knew it was perfect and safe and took off on the rainbow with great joy and excitement. For this was the beginning of another incredible journey of learning.

The rainbow sparkled, bright with so many amazing colours, it tickled and sprinkled her with love, fun, joy, laughter, happiness and the most amazing feelings as she rode it all the way down down down.

As she followed the beat beat beat she went through a brightly lit tunnel suddenly stopping in a very calm, loving safe space. And she could feel and hear the beat, beat beat that was her mothers heart. Communicating LOVE and that special message “ remember we agreed to this ” And She fell fast asleep…

But one day when the time was right, she would remember that she really IS a soul.

A bright sparkly light made of pure LOVE. …

My name is Rhia and together with my daughter Lara we create ‘remembering‘ stories at bed time. These stories are available for purchase either individually or as part of the monthly children’s’ healing/ awakening circles. This is the first in the remembering/ awakening series for families.

☆ The Children’s healing circles run monthly and are done via distance as an energetic process.

Packed with VALUE at $24.95 each child receives
– Individual healing/ awakening attention specific for their highest good
– guidance in the form of an audio, ( this is more for mum and dad )
– a gentle guided meditation/ healing/ story to listen to at home to build self love, awareness, and inner connection / self healing skills.
– a guided audio to play in the background while sleeping to promote deep self connection, self love, remembering and other positive values.
– a crystal grid in the form of an image
– other tools from time to time as guided.

So if you feel your child would benefit from this beautiful, healing/ awakening experience I invite you to book now for Septembers Child Healing circle set for the 17th of September.

See what other things we have on offer for children.

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