FREE Introductory Children’s Dream course – for Awakening families

Welcome. Lets awaken our dream world and connect with our families in this incredible way.

Remember we are always dreaming. Even if we cant recall them.

In this intro course my aim is to share some information about dreams with you, and begin to pay attention to and awaken your own dream world. And of course relate with your children through dreams.

Dreaming is extremely important on the physiological and psychological level, particularly as we move through experiences of growth, healing, transformation and change. This is especially so for children.

The act of dreaming has some kind of physiological and psychological balancing effect. We know that the dreaming is ALWAYS GOING ON and we’ll discuss this more later. But for now let us look at the kinds of dreams we have.

Dreaming - kids 1My understanding of the different types of dreams are.

Process dreams – are comprised of two types.

Subjective or symbolic, these are usually to do with changes happening within our own systems – personal to us. Like a transformational process for example.

and 2nd is Objective – which provides us with information external to us. Often things we are unable to pay attention to due to our personality structure, or sometimes because the information is painful.

Compensatory dreams

Is one that is trying to balance the psyche or is trying to balance our systems or push us towards growth, This life force that is at the very core of our being, And it connects us with our dreams. If we are unbalanced, identified with something to strongly we might become connected with the opposite of that through these balancing dream processes.

Pre cognative dreams

Sometimes known as DE ja vu- Synchronicity – Events in a causal way. I had a dream and then something happened. I had the dream because that happened. Two independent events. They are related in an a causal way.

Some kind of dream experience – a premonition dream. These dreams are also very important for our inner health and balance.

Soul or spirit dreams

These are the dreams we have that connect us with our higher selves or the higher levels of consciousness. Like an interface between these and our normal experience.

All of these types of dreams can and do interconnect , supporting us as we journey through our lives. The dream world is incredible.

So now we have some understanding of these different kinds of dreams lets look at what occurs with children.

From an early age children begin to develop their basic personality structure and a lot of this is built around the feedback they receive from the external environment. From parents, teachers, sports coaches, cousins and the experiences of relating with them. Now we do all come through with a kind of unique fingerprint or program that contains an outline or a kind of guideline of who we will become.

So I want to provide you with basic examples here so you can really understand this fully. This is an introductory course so Im sticking to the basic’s and keeping the focus on my understanding of what occurs through this process.

So lets start with Timmy. He’s 4 years old and has been home with Mum for the first 4 years of his life. He’s an only child and has had most of mums attention for this time. Mum has had plenty of time to play and is also a very active, outdoorsy type and Timmy has enjoyed running in nature, beach plays and being loud and boisterous. Often wrestling with Dad too this is the normal way of being.

So Timmy’s 5th birthday arrives and its time for him to attend preschool. He goes from spending hours running, jumping and yahooing to being expected to sit at a table in a classroom for hours. On top of this he’s expected to listen and follow instructions.

Now Timmy’s main or primary personality structure and experience has been pretty much the opposite of this. On an unconscious level Timmy wants to please his parents and do the right thing. So he does try and follow along. But a lot of the time he acts out. He doesn’t sit still, he talks loudly and often disobeys instructions.

The teachers begin to discipline Timmy in the usual school methods and even bring in Mum and Dad. Timmy get the message loud and clear and begins to conform t the rules and routines of school. Remember there is also this underlying culture where the emphasis is that children should be good and do what we ‘think’ is best.

Timmy’s life is going through a change in situation and his dreams become a part of this process. He begins to have scary dreams. He dreams a monster is chasing him and begins to become very frightened. Asking his parents to come into his room at night, to check under the bed and so forth.

What has occurred here is there has been a suppression of Timmy’s natural, outgoing, boisterous primary personality. It goes underground or is buried under the new structure that is forming in alignment with his new external environment. That is the routine of school and all of the things that go along with that.

But the suppression of this energy, emotion and this life force needs to go somewhere and so it appears in the dream world as his scary monster. It does so because he now has no real way of expressing it in his external life.

images (11)The monster does not conform to any rules or regulations. A monster does whatever it likes. It growls, and jumps, and yells, and basically expresses itself however and whenever it wants to through the dream world. Of course this is usually very upsetting to the child.

This is a very common dream experience for children, with scary animals, or robbers chasing them to kill them or hurt them.

These buried or suppressed aspects of the child’s personality hold the primal, instinctual, and natural energies, feelings and emotions that are no longer able to play out because of school routine, family changes or external circumstances.

Another example is a little girl named Sally. Sally is 7 and one afternoon after school she is playing in the playground with her friends. An older girl with a dominant personality comes along and starts to bully her. She gives Sally a shove, so Sally runs home and tells her mother.

She buries her aggression and anger because she has learnt in the past that expressing these results in being punished. That night Sally dreams about a scary snake – it is symbolizing her aggression, her ability to react and to stand up for herself. If this suppression continues she may dream of the snake the following night and so on. Her mother may tell her on a rational level that there is nothing to be afraid of, its just a dream, but in reality there is something there.

The more suppression a child experiences, the more the contents of the unconscious becomes sour or intense. Especially as the old natural ways of expression and reaction no longer become available. Because of rules, routine, etc. Everybody has this suppression to some degree and this does build up!

This suppression or burying also creates an imbalance in a child’s systems. Making it harder and harder to deal with emotions, energies and their responses. New personality aspects are created to cover and maintain this burying/ suppression of the natural emotional energies. Like rationality, dominating, and judgment. These new primary personality aspects also assist with covering feeling insecure or vulnerable.

This burying and suppression can also generate repetitive nightmares that can go on in a child’s life for many years. Suppression can also create an illness or different kinds of anxiety.

Knowing about our children’s dreams can give us information about our child’s psyche, or some other change or growth they are experiencing.

Another example is of the Soul or spirit dreams my son began having when he was 6. It was a recurring dream of the end of the world where a huge tidal wave wipes everything and everyone out. Pretty scary stuff!

After working with him we discovered that he was having a past life memory of his experience of ATLANTIS. As well as processing some other emotions and personality developments.

So I do hope Ive given you some more insight into the dream world. Here are some suggestions below for working with your child’s incredible dream world.

☃ See your own and your child’s dreams as a friend.

☃ Start to communicate about your dreams as a family – perhaps discuss dreams at the breakfast table and develop it into a family culture.

☃ Make anything that appears in the dream world ok! ‘Anything’!!!

☃ Begin to build a Vocabulary and imagery of your families own dream language.

☃ Start to question what your child’s dreams are telling you about their lives.

☃ Start to express the dreams through art.

☃ Build self awareness around your own suppression and inner rule system ( If you’d like to learn more about this I do offer individual sessions).

Also note that if you stop or stifle a dream process, like nightmares the dream world will usually stop communicating with us.

These are all excellent things to do to begin connecting and relating through the dream world. I’d love to hear your comments, questions or feedback!

If you are interested in learning more about how to work in more detail with your own children I have a NEW course available for an opening fee of $20.

I will share detailed step by step processes that guide you to support your child as they develop through their dream experience. There does not necessarily need to be the appearance of bad dreams for this way of relating with your child to be beneficial. Supporting your child to express in a loving and conscious way will create so many positive foundations for their health and future.

There will be audio’s, video’s and a PDF, this is amazing value!

To register for this click here.

In addition if you are interested in connecting with your child in a more conscious way I post and share guidance every Sunday in our group.

Thank you so much for reading. Rhia ❤


witness series 2


Hello everyone

This blog has been taken direct from a recent awakening, ascension, & soul connection class were the focus was on building the witness, and mapping our ego programs or veils of illusion. The class was recored and is now being shared with you in written media. Its pretty much word for word, including the questions from class members. I hope you find it helpful. Feel free to share with likeminded friends and event let me know what you think. Thanks for being here ❤ Rhia


The witness 2 started with an exercise to briefly identify the sides and briefly move and express on each side. (in this class the reason why I am calling different things different names is because some of you have been in different classes that we have done and we have called it different sometimes I am going to call things two names but they mean the same. Like your witness and the aware ego is the same thing)


To start with- identify a side for your- self, a programme or pattern or whatever it is that you want to work with today and move in to that. Express a little bit through your note book.

Come back to your witness-your aware ego in the middle.

Then have a connection with your other side- into your heart and through your heart in to your soul self- really connect in the heart side feeling that spaciousness.

Then come back to the middle and from there we will move in to really understand the layers.

Once we have mapped out the layers we will move in to how you -we are going to understand how your protector controller/how your distraction pattern plays out for you. And that also works on many levels –as sometimes it is multi layered too. Sometimes it is just an emotion or an energy sometimes you are in mental realm- where you just go blank and you want to do a washing or something and you think that I didn’t need to do that- so that kind of thing. And distractions patterns can be habits as well-the habits that we have.

Now the class goes in to the exercise.

*after coming to the witness in the centre- you can go into your observer if you want to


This part of the class is interactive- because you learn the most and you can get in a different way.

There is no right or wrong because with this work it is all unique to us and our own experiences. For example- I might observe the colour of the leaf and say that it is dark green. Someone else can observe that same leaf from another angle and say actually its more lime green- I reckon it is lime green- both are right! So I really want to you to grasp this for this part of the discussion. Whatever is unique for you feels right for you- that is what you should be going with rather than what is normal or you know that what the group is thinking. The group mentality or the herd mentality in the planet currently is 3 D which we are waking up from now so of course it’s going to be differences there so just be mindful of that, if you ever feel you are the odd one out- that’s ok.

Before we look into layers- what I want to show you was this chart of beach balls or impressions. We talk about the beach balls when we do drawing out process when we are communicating. I don’t think any of you have been to those classes, but I have written a blog about it that I can show you. (Picture -1)

Picture 1 – Experience bubble

I call it experience bubble. This is another way to map out the layers of whatever it is that you are working on.

I want you to keep in mind the process of chunking. We have talked about chunking before right! So helps you to keep awareness when you are moving in and out of different things. That’s another skill that your witness can develop in the right way for you, so that you don’t get caught in the details. Sometimes we get caught in details it slows you down and we go round and round and round. Its like you get stuck in a loop and there is no way out and you keep around in a pattern. Eg of chunking is- let’s say I was working on ego programme about puppies and I had some experience or fear about puppies and that cause me to have some emotional responses, fear responses.

So chunking would be:

  • Me going from my observer –that’s a high level
    • From the observer chunking down in to my witness
      • and from my witness into the program
        • And then into the very small layers of that program

And then going up again and being able to chunk and holding the awareness and looking at what you are actually working on at once. That’s a skill that witness develops over time. Of course the more familiar you are on the program that you are working on the easier it is. So if you start working on something that is completely new, then the chunking is going to be a bit difficult and that’s why I like to do the process maps and have big process map. So that you can actually see a visual and a model of what it is and it is a bit easier to get. And again sometimes we get caught in to details and we want to avoid that as this really slows down the process and it also brings back your veils.

That’s Chunking! Something I want you to practice

That is why I want you to do more and more of this moving in and out process (exercise 1) because it builds so many skills and I can’t encapsulate in words by explaining it because it does so many things. Each week I can talk about something new that you are actually doing by doing this simple process of moving from the centre/the witness/the aware ego- into the programme, the soul side, centre and in to the observer, it does so many things at once and there is nothing else like it that I have come across. Just be mindful of chunking in background.

I want you to take notes on this and I want you to apply this on whatever you are working on right now. So if that is a self that you are working on or a pattern you are working on, whatever it might be. This pic is on the homework page. Keep it unique for you. In a way it is unique for you.

Experience bubble

So here we have (refer Picture 1):

  • Rational Explanation
  • Irrational responses
  • Unconscious truth
  • Emotional reaction
  • Image
  • Sound
  • Taste
  • Touch
  • Smell
  • Other
  • Vibration
  • Perceived reality

I actually think there is more than that. Especially when we start looking at it from the soul level and the higher realms. This is actually about 12 years old and it has evolved from then.

I will so you some ways in which I like to map out ( Picture 2).

Let’s just divide this in to two parts for now – one part is layers.

Let’s start with example of ego programme of winning and losing. That is a foundational ego programme that runs in the background mostly without our awareness and it runs through the whole of the matrix. So it runs through collective way and it is inside us. So let’s take that as an example.


What I would do is firstly identify with it. That means moving into the side of it where the program is running out of. And I will start to build separation from it and understanding- awareness of it through my witness about the program. And you do this while you are taking notes of it at the same time anyway, so you have already got some level understanding. It is good to do this when its something that is you are first looking at. Something that u are first becoming aware of.

So the layers that we identify- we do it for many reasons and as we work through this you will understand more reasons for it. I might explain some of that to you now but because you are not there yet you won’t get it. So as this emerges in you and in your understanding as your witness expands. Like it happened with one of the participant when the participant got distracted to wash the cups and forgot everything about the program. One of the participant also had experience of their protector controller coming in.

Ok so we got the programme of win and lose now lets talk about some example of how it plays out. Just feel free to shout it out to.

For example: a person with win and loose will either do something perfectly so that –wins or not do it at all. For example if there was an important meeting to attend.- the person would either attend the meeting fully prepared for it or fall sick- actually physically fall sick and not go.

Let’s talk about the layers now.

So let look at first layer as- rational or mental or sometimes it is also called as analytical. Just keep in mind that there are different languages around same thing. So there can be different words but mean the same thing-its just about the context in which we are talking.

So let’s look how would- the person’s rational and mental layer of that programme be playing out:

  1. It’s all or nothing thinking- that’s on the surface- so they are surface thoughts that are linking in to the foundation of this program from surface.
  2. Mind starts explain why you can get through meeting properly and then why person cant get through it. So the fear of failure and reason why one would fail.
  3. So the fear of failure and joy of success. But fear can be so strong that you don’t feel joy at all and can physically get sick due to fear.
  4. This links into other layers and as you work further you can see how it all is interlinked closely (refer Picture 2).So there is emotions. One of the participant also showed-fear express itself as allergy.

Sometimes people say why go into all this detail and you can get bulked down with it. But it important to go to this layers in such details so that you can develop better understanding and then accurate strategies to work through them. I know it is a lot of work but it is absolutely worth it.



This will be on the website, so you guys don’t have to write down and you can work on your own thing.

This is chunking down again- we have got our mental/rational/analytical aspect of this that plays out in this part of our program and then we have got conscious, sub-conscious and un-conscious or the collective. So within these layers there are sub layers. But we don’t want to get in to sub layers because we just want to learn about this layering mapping. Do you see how we can get caught in to details! So let us chunk up in to our witness and witness let’s just look at the program that we are working on. So I want you to get into chunking very quickly and that’s why I want you to have diagrams and/or notes with it so that you don’t have to remember every details and it is there and you have a dot point to get back into where you want to go.

Down the track I will show you guys some quick ways to do chunking, you can use code words or key words. I like to use them and also colours and symbols for it. I found it very very helpful. Particularly from a memory side of things, if you assign a colour or a symbol to a particular aspect of a program- you can just run it when you want to and chunk into that aspect when you want to or you can just pack it away and do whatever you need to do with it in your visual map.

Let’s go further in to this layers- psychological, rational.

  • The energetic feel of it- energy, vibration.
  • Weight of it- the frequency. That’s why I use the analogy of going into the Gym because it is a good way of looking at how you are handling or looking at something. For example if something is very heavy-like your primary self- if it’s very heavy. There is a positive for it as well. It is like you practice well with heavy weights your muscle gets strong and if you work with heavier aspects your witness gets strong. It also gets tired. It’s like when you ride a bike if you get used to riding at the highest strength level it is very easy for you to ride at normal levels when you have to.
  • Etheric aspect- can come under energy. Energetics of it is huge, since every thingis energy anyways at base level.
  • Consequence of it- eg if a person don’t go to the meeting and gets sick, person has to deal with the consequence of it of how ever it plays out-it goes back to cause and complications. Staying home being sick gives caring from other people. This can feed the program again.

Exercise– all participants were told to look in to their individual things that each one is working on.

Remember- it is very benin as we are not going fully into it we are still working on it from our witness we are just mapping at the moment.

  • Sometimes we also link in other people or situations into our program. For example a person is working through a disconnected self, wherein they can’t open themselves completely in friendship/relationship and constantly feel disconnected when they hear common friends talking about things.
  • In such situation we can chunk up first and see what original program does this “self” operate from- whether It is “win/lose’, “survive/die’ or “ lust/hate”. In this scenario is surivive/die
  • This aspect has developed/emerged with some other sub personalities which help it link into the main ego program which can also have smaller linked programs running from with it.
  • Positive thing- is that we can actually separate and develop awareness around our original foundational ego program through this self.
  • So let do Chunking here
    • First go to primary self-explore it, express it, write notes
    • Then I would personally do sub programs next- this is the whole interface on how it can completely play out into the psyche and connect in to the collective and whole matrix. I know it is a lot but you will get it
    • In the sub- programs I would also go in to how it works with other people getting involved in it. For example if the person heard some friends discussing something the disconnect self would feel left out- so this is where other friends are subconsciously feeding the disconnect self.
    • Then chunk into a bit more in to foundational programme of survive /die in to this situation.
    • This will help clear it and also develop aspects of your witness like A, B and C relevant to that aspects of your program.
    • Keep in mind that our veils are designed to come up when we look into this. So you may get tired, distracted, confused, and feeling overwhelmed and running out of the situation. They can do all kinds of things so that’s why it’s important to fully understand them and we will look into how we can manage through them.
    • It can get really full on at times, it can have lot of emotions to it. If there is a lot of pain or fear or high intensity involved- A really good and useful way to manage it is to develop a bizzare/funny analogy around it. It is very good way to manage it, rather than it running you, you can manage it.
    • Example you can imagine the main programme/self as a big monster & the sub programs as smaller programs feeding it. So once you deal with these smaller monsters the big monster does not get feeding and hence
    • Veils can also come up as feeling tired/ sabotage, not wanting to work on it anymore.
    • You can also work on how the veils are working on us, how is it feel, what are the thoughts, what it does to you,
    • It also worth seeing how your addictions are linked in to it. It can be small addictions like getting up for a cup of coffee instead of doing this work.
    • REMEMBER- in this whole process be KIND to yourself.
    • There is no judgment involved because what you want to build is a compassionate space within you through which you can process and heal and reorganise yourself
    • Because you created it actually, the more aware/the more conscious you become you have more choice to deal with it.
    • Example you feel like having chocolate when you have full on experiences. It is alright too. In fact when you eat that block of chocolate it helps you stabilise the system- the protector controller- addiction, your veil and you can still keep going
    • And if you didn’t do that what might come in?
    • So in my experience sometimes it is better to feed your viel and do the work at same time- so you do both and eventually you will come to the point where you don’t need it anymore and it will be healed/cleared enough and fall away and you wont need it anymore
    • That’s allright and that’s why we have that mantra that ‘love yourself anyways’
    • Because if you judge yourself, criticise yourself, bash yourself up , you fall on back down.

The scenario of disconnect self is a very good example on how we draw other people into our experiences. Conscious/subconscious/unconscious plays in all layers too. So we link in other people situations to create, reinforce our experience. This happens in a very asleep/unconscious manner. So by doing this process, separation, we bring it to more aware state. So we are moving them in to awareness rather than acting automatically in unaware state and let them run us,

The automatic asleep state that they play out on is running through all collective 3d matrix. So everyone is in auto pilot based on their foundational programs, their sub programs and then their sub personalities that have adapted and emerged so that we can continue to survive.

So the interlink/external is in the asleep realm and we just do it automatically- it just happens. And if we have a very strong program, a very strong primary self, If it is very heavy weight one- than that can bring someone else in even if they are choosing not to. Eg a friend could be out of disconnect self- does not have that in their system- but if we have that disconnect self as a very heavy one, as primary self, it has been there in our system for long, our sub programs and foundation programs being fed by this by lots of experiences. So there are heaps of beach ball around that and even smaller programs are really big, its fed and reinforced by many experiences. So it is really big- that is so strong and powerful that it draws that friend in to reinforce and no matter what that other friend does, that friend will get pulled in to it automatically that is the polarity-polarity of opposites. SO that’s why when we built up or witness we can step out of this polarity and go into our soul self where there is no polarity playing there anymore.

What happens to me is I sometimes get people projecting their polarity on me a lot especially in classes and stuff. I have to hold on to my witness and my aware ego very strongly to not get in it. Sometimes it happens anyways and I can’t help it because its quite hard work specially when there are a lot of people but I do everything I can and that’s why having good boundaries is important. You will get that in whatever level you are meant to and it just happens anyways they are not even aware about it. But it is so strong and powerful and it is in asleep state (you can call it asleep or unconscious I call it asleep and awake state as it is just lot simpler that way)

What happens is it just draws people in and creates experiences to keep it reinforcing.

For example a person was going through some big emotional issues, and fallen in to asleep program running. That person was then interlinking and creating experiences and bringing in other people to reinforce that emotionally painful situation. You can also create an experience with a psychic reader to reinforce the situation. When that person was lost-Rhia suggested- “why did I create this experience?”

This question is not about judging yourself as good or bad, it’s just understanding that you created it. Since we have chosen to be awake, we also create situations that will force us to be more awake, that will force us to face our egos and look into our dark side so to speak.

When that question is asked it helps you come out of the program of being a victim to a situation and accept yourself as creator once again. That gives us joy/inner motivation to keep going that yes we are creator of our reality and we created it to learn and grow. That one question can help us look at all from witness perspective. Rhia explained that she does not go to psychic readers anymore just because many of them still operate from asleep realm and although they have skills but they get drawn and interlinked into the asleep realm and reinforce the experience.

We will go into this more but in a different class as this is whole big area.

In my experience it is very good idea to have clear idea what you do want to create from your awake state or your soul self whatever you want to call it. So from your soul self, have something that you do want to create, you need to have some kind of destination point towards which you want to create. Other wise you are going to continue to create the same things and that is going to happen anyways but when you have a destinations point to go towards or couple of destination points you are moving towards that…that will help to keep you on track.

Lets talk abt it differently. Suppose we hope in to the car and in our mind we have vague memories of old places we have visited. So we jump in the car, we have petrol, we have all stuff we need and we an unconscious state start driving to an old place where we have been. So when we get there we are still at old point. But if we have new destination point in our mind we might still fall asleep and keep going towards the old place, the witness goes beep beep beep, hang on a minute, aren’t we going to the new place where it has most green grass, a shady tree and picnic area. So even if we rail-off we can still come back to track so we can have a course of action. And this is happening in the universe, in the 3d and 5d matrix, so all this is weaved in together. You will get that on whatever level that you are required to. But I really suggest you create clear destination point.

Question- how do we know that this destination points are not created by ego? How to create a destination pointed that is completely from the soul self ?

Answer- create it from soul side. It can still be from ego program but you are consciously creating a loving experience so it is still going to be more awake then the previous destinations.

Q- What can happen is that your protector self can kick in and create fear in you that you will create wrong thing.

Answer- this is very common. So it’s a good idea to always keep it about you and create it with having you more awake in some way form or manner. That can’t go wrong. For example if right now you are totally terrified with fear and afraid of doing the wrong thing. If you created a destination point for you in 2 weeks’ time sitting here in more awake state- how can that be wrong. Always keep it about you. You can create yourself with having a new skill or you with more soul connection. These way you are not interfering with other person and that helps decrease the effect of auto programs/collectives/interlinking.

Q- Sometimes teacher can get stuck into student’s stuff. what do you do when you can get more stuck into the student things and once the students are more awake that will decrease.

Answer- yes that’s right and also this where having boundaries become really important we are going to talk about boundaries a lot more in other classes because they will help reduce lot of sub layers.

You might upset someone by saying no but it is better than creating a whole big negative program feeding your patterns and their patterns. Because someone will get over you saying no to have coffee with them rather than you falling you back to sleep.

Try and keep it simple- sleep program/awake agreement.

So just have positive goals only about yourself.

Witness 2- part 2

Q- you can have a goal about a specific person, cant you? For example you can have a goal like you and your partner are living this life style, but you are not describing that partner.

Answer- but more specifically what I would do in that situation is create myself to be the best most perfect attractive partner because then you are raising the bar, raising the standards, because you attract what you are. Does that make sense? So you make yourself the best version of you in whatever way it is and then you get that kind of partner

Yea J

Now let’s talk about energy vibration and frequency. That kind of explains itself.

In the example of win and lose program & meeting scenario. The vibration felt dense and low and had grey dots like look- this is the senses layer of the program.

So you see why this class is not for many people why we are just small group of people and not a big group. Because I made a conscious choice that I will not feed anyone s ego and I wanted to get people to wake up. It was a real conscious choice for this class. Because I could just do just airy fairy good visualisations and get 20 ppl along so that they can feel good about themselves and go back to their ego programs. But that’s not my higher Soul purpose. And that’s why we all are here J

That is how I map the layers. Now why do we map the layers?

Let’s say that the rational and the mental and the analytical interlinked external and are playing out in your life. Let’s say it’s happening and you can’t figure it out. It’s just happening and you are in it and all the people around you are supporting it reinforcing it. How can you wake up from it when there are like 20 other people reinforcing your program and you are trying to understand it and there is also the energy to it. Let’s add energy to it.

And again this is when you can create a unusual obscure (like monster) imagery to help you manage it. Because it interlinks groups of people and that’s where the group think comes in to play as well. Group think is the herd mentality. I am not sure if anyone of you has experienced it but you will get it at whatever level is right for you at given time.

So let’s say all 3 things are playing out with you all at once. And you are finding it difficult to understand and move forward because your veils are also coming in. SO what do we do? We stick to the method of moving in and out. We stick to this because it does so many things, its multi layered and you are continuing with the separation.

It like when your veil comes across and you try and feel love and you can’t! it feels like it’s all empty there, choosing to do it, is still building it even if you can’t feel it. It’s the same with this process.

SO what you can do and that’s where body dialogue comes in and that’s why it is so effective. Because when we do it it bypasses a lot of layers, although it works with energy. So what we could do is work on it at physical and have body dialogue with our physical body and map out and understand what’s happening and that also helps to release the beach balls or the experience bubbles. So it can help with the healing and open up more life force in your body in your system. When you have more life force in your system you got more energy more consciousness to work through things.

So we could do body dialogue or what they are now called is awakening sessions.

We could also look at emotions only. Looking at emotions is also a very good way of continuing with the process because one of the main reasons as souls we decided to come to the planet was to experience them and also to experience the limiting emotions because we are limitless beings. So emotions is also really good.

Q- I am not good enough feeling where would that come?

  • It would be a combination. It would be a mix of physical, emotional and also energy. So I would do both. I would do all of them, because there will always be layers of it which we don’t know about. Do you know what I mean! Yes

And I think we have more than 5 senses. This is just a textbook thing just to start with but we have more, do you see what I mean though! Yes


Have a quick look at that now. Just do that yourself quickly, just pick up anything and do some dot points. Make a small box a little table with these headings and just put a couple of points with lines to link it!

I want you to draw a table and I want you to apply your own stuff to this table. To the layers.

So eg- you have your unhelpful side. So on rational and mental- what are the main thoughts there. On emotional side- what are the main emotions in that without going into it. We are not going into it right now. We are just holding it from our witness and chunking down into it taking some points and coming back to the witness right! So than in the physical- how does it show in physical.

Q- SO we are going to the layers and write that how they are presenting in our system.

  • Yes

I just wanted to ask you guys, just wanted to get a little bit of feedback on the level the things are going at the moment just so that I am aware where we need to go, based on your experience in feedback. Are we going a bit too fast, or is everyone grasping everything as we are going along or do we need to review some of the stuff or go over it from beginning in a different way.

Feedback was all found it just logical to do. It was presented in simple logical manner so found natural and easy to grasp. It is also because we have agreed to wake up and we have that switch on.

So now what we are going to talk a little bit about is how the veils work based on this model.

So we are going to do some awareness around veils with this self/ pattern or program that we have chosen and how that happens. Remember when we are talking about veils it also includes our protector controller. SO protector controller or veils operate in all of these layers in anyway form or manner it chooses to. To shut us down to draw us back to asleep state to confuse us, to take our memory, to make us sick to sabotage or whatever. So let’s move on from that J

When I first first really started working on it and I had about 5 programs running all together and heaps and heaps of people linked in to it and reinforcing it. I had everything drawn out on butchers paper in my bedroom wall and all around the house so every time I saw it I got in some level. It really brought it up very strongly and quickly but I also resolved it very quickly. I found it more helpful than any of the techniques like reiki or kinesiology etc as in this way I took responsibility of it and rather than going out of me and looking for help I was like right I was creating it, its my program. It was very different and very empowering. The part of part of our program is to make us look outside of us as soon as we step outside ourselves we are saying someone else create our reality pls, where as we are the creator of our reality.

Veils or your protector controller:

So what are some ways through which our veils are playing: for example-

  • what would rational layer do it can cause distractive thoughts like wanting to have false eye lashes. And that would be further linked into some program- in this one- seduction- which is further linked in to survival program
  • You can be confused. It happens a lot when I am talking with people playing in ego…because I am interested in waking up and I don’t want to waste my time with people who are not interested in waking up
  • Memory
  • Pain
  • Fear- fear is form of pain
  • Victim consciousness- that can come up in a lot of ways

And a lot of ways the veils operate are like triggers with the foundation programs- like being a victim is a trigger in the foundation program and so is the seduction- that’s a big one.

What the witness will do is allow you to see the trigger and not slip in to it. In the beginning you might and this will happen in the beginning is that it will play out and this will happen! But your witness will be standing in the background and seeing AHH look at what I am doing. But in the beginning it won’t have that strength to do anything different, it will just play out. But if u are writing it out and mapping it at the same time- u r almost half way there to resolve it.

So what will happen is your witness will gradually strengthen and go- oh the trigger. No thank you I am not going to run the program, I will run my strategy or whatever you have created so that you are moving towards your destination because you got that already in place and you are going into your soul self and you are creating consciously rather than unconsciously.

So u are starting to wake up and that is a process in itself but we have to untangle our self from all of these in order to give us that strength and that freedom, to create so that we can keep moving forward.

Physical can be -Illness, or it can be lethargy, it can be not being able to sleep- insomnia is really a big one.

Emotional eating would cover physical and emotional and that interlink- and that’s a habit- and they reinforce the veil!

Latter I am going to talk about not today, latter, about habits and what can we do to awake from that. I know it is controversial as I have had discussion with someone and they were like do you relly want me to get in to it- my habit more-and my answer is yes and we will talk about why?

Physical is actually huge- that’s why the whole process of body dialogue process . Because we have physical bodies which hold on to different things to help us grow but its important that it is done properly because it can reinforce the program and can also rebury things

Energy/vibrations/frequency how wud they play out in veils? Lack of energy, feeling tense and what about one of the sub layers- eg disconnection, there is still one more- falling in to the collective energy of something.

Eg – lets talk about paedophilia- that’s a big one right! That’s a program based around survival or die and then we have sub programs of being a victim and all the others around it and then we have the perpetrator and all of that. So when you think about how people react when they think about a paedophile or that sort of things- what comes up? That is the collective energy of the program and it is freaking heavy! Its anger and fear and ppl fall asleep and its very massive…so that is an example of collective energy and it is easy to fall in to it on the energetic level and then our veils come in and then you start believing that paedophilia is something outside us, someone else is doing it, we are victim to it, we are not creator of our reality and we fall asleep and it feels yuck!

So when your are awake enough and woken up from lot of these programs, a lot of these you can and I do it myself also, that I go into, especially if you have energetic abilities, you can start going into the energy of collective programs and start clearing them up- so u can do all kinds of stuff.

And this is across all cultures too- this is cultural energy, ancestral energy,

For eg racism- its big but not all face it, because u create it when you have trigger points otherwise you don’t create it. Also the energies run through many lifetimes too.

For ppl who have chosen to be awake it is coming from so many life times because we created it to be expressed and cleared. And it is very big and helpful too because in the collective it effects everyone. Its really important- we are shinning the way.

Although we are in tears, in pain, we feel lonely but we are shining the way J J J

Consequences- that leads to habit too. can u see how it links to habits as there is a pay off!

Interlinking and external- You attract the experiences to reinforce it and other ppl too. For example I am the looser and you are the winner. So both programs are fed and Im the victim and you are still the winner. Look at it how many things on facebook do we see with win, be the winner, win this prize, win/win , it is seduction. The ego program of seduction..

I am at the point that I don’t know how to advertise anymore because I am teaching to move away from all these ego programs, to awaken so  how can I advertise in the same realm that would be double standard.

Participant- you don’t have to advertise you just trust, u attract. With all this that is your journey and make that your destination!….

Q- how do we do 3d things because we are still in the 3d world! Eg the job thing, I can create a job but I don’t know how do I perform in it without being in ego. Having good boundaries and trusting !

Its like going to a foreign country and learn about new culture and keep parts of old culture too.

So although we are waking up we need to still keep doing things in 3d matrix and keep going!

That’s where boundary comes. For eg- I have been feeling that I don’t want to do personal sessions for a long time but I have to do them because it also pays a lot of my bills and there is my survival program- my foundational program running it.

So I am holding it through my witness and I am observing what I m doing in my sessions. But in saying that I could go and do a normal job and still pay my bills but above that I am choosing to do individual sessions because its closer to this destination than a normal job.

We are still working/acknowledging the 3d reality but working towards 5d reality

Actually-I answered my own question. What I need to do is create frames of me knowing having awareness, knowledge of how to advertise and that’s what I need to do. So I don’t know but I have to create me with knowing. So its not the final destination, but a check point on the way!

How are senses playing up- when veils come across, u might have craving like chocolate, alcohol or u might have body temp changes, selective hearing- this is big one. Even sometimes ppl working through it can also go through all conversation but hear only what they want to!

Its also selective understanding. Veils!

Just take a little minute- how your programs and layers of your program have that interplay with the veils.

I can only guide u so much. I am not inside u so u have to work on yourself!  and make that your journey.

Farewell for now ❤ Rhia