Carried energy

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Carried Energy

Carried energy is ANY form of energy that comes to us (and stays) from another external source.

Conscious Creation CircleLets provide an example here to explain further – a 45 year old woman “Mary” has a feeling a low self worth. It has been with her since birth, playing out in many scenarios throughout her life.

She enters into some healing and growth work and as she explores her feelings around this she gains awareness that her mother also experiences low worth.

After even more inner work Mary discovers that She has ‘taken on’ some of her Mothers energy of low worth. What is also interesting in this example is that Mary’s Grandmother and Aunts all carry a similar vibration.

( Now this is a soul agreement and a part of Mary’s life plan that she chose before incarnating in this lifetime – but she has veils that inhibit her from seeing this. Like all of us do!)

This energy has been ‘carried’ down the female line for many generations.

(Side note – children are very open and sensitive especially to their parents and main care givers. Often the children ‘take on’ negative energies, emotions and feelings from the parents as way of ‘helping’. This is unconscious of course, for all the child ‘knows’ on a pre-rational level is that the environment does not feel good or safe. So they ‘sponge up’ or ‘take on’ the energies and for a little while Mum or Dad or uncle Fred feel better and things return to normal.)

So here we have two different energies of Low worth 1. Mary’s own 2. That of the family female line.

This carried energy of Low worth ‘sits’ in Mary’s system in several ways (again each experience of ‘carried energy’ is unique and can take on complex forms) It plays out in her mental realm, her energy, and her physiology. So She has language, clichés and thoughts that she has ‘taken on’ from her Mother, Grandmother and Aunts and these thoughts, have become beliefs and primary ways of thinking.

She has energy bubbles in her system that also carry the ‘vibration’ of low worth. These may play out as illness, back problems, or even headaches. These energy bubbles would also have scenarios and incidences where Mary has experienced Low self worth. This energy left untreated can easily turn into physical illness and disease.

And lastly she ‘carries’ within her cells and genes.
Carried energies can be ‘passed on’ or ‘taken on’ in many varied forms. There is no fixed rule to how these energies are handed forward. It is not gender bias, nor is it relevant to age. There are similarities that can take place in ‘carried’ energies, and these are commonly seen in cultural aspects, traumatic experiences, sexual abuse, and especially child abuse in any form.

Carried energy is also possible from past life experiences.

This ‘carrying of energy’ applies to any type of energy and ranges in strength again unique for each case. For the above example Mary carries low self worth energy, but really any experience is possible. We could have a man who carries shame, guilt or anger. These carried energies also apply to energies that could be seen in a different light – such as entitlement. A young woman who is very conceited can have this handed to her from her another from a very young age. Even taking things on in the womb.
I’d like to note here too that the passing of these energies usually happens in the background of our awareness. Or in the unconscious. It is rare for a parent or family member to deliberately push their ‘stuff’ onto their kids or grandkids to make themselves feel better. Although this does happen from time to time in domestic violence situations and other cases.
{Another thing to note here is how these ‘carried energies’ relate to boundaries. For example if Bill has a lot of ‘carried’ fear. Bills own fear, combined with the ‘carried fear’ has a signature which is attracted to other ‘carried fear’ signatures. Bill may be out at a restaurant eating dinner, looks across the room and connects through one of these carried fear energy signatures with another man our eating dinner. Bill is hit with multiple fear energies and becomes very open to more fear signatures – turning him into a sponge for the same energy signature. }
There is a solution to this issue and it is a simple process I call Handing Back. I have studied myriads of training methods and have over 10 years experience working with these kinds of energies and have found this is a successful process for accessing and clearing these “carried energies”. This is because the process accesses the root cause of energies and pulls it out with conscious awareness.

Now that I have given you some very brief explanations of ‘Carried energy’ have a look at this amazing new circle I have been guided to offer.

Family Clearing Sessions or Individual clearing sessions.

This is an energetic clearing session designed to access these carried energies from our own systems and/ or any of our own children’s systems.

This is not your average energy clearing, as the carried energies sit under the psyche and need to be accessed and cleared in a specific way. In a supportive, stable and grounded way.

If you’d like to book in for one of these sessions (all done via distance so you can be anywhere in the world) click here. 


Meditation retreat – Brisbane (healing and awakening) 22nd Feb 2015

Please join us for this guided meditation retreat on Sunday the 22nd of Feb – 9.30am to 2pm

This Meditation retreat is for those who want to learn about Meditation or are wanting to take their practice to a deeper level. The morning will begin with a chanting session to really get the energy moving and the heart center open – for those who have never chanted before it really is an amazing experience and Im sure you find it joyful and uplifting

Meditation SpaceThe meditation format will be a guided body scan to ground, connection with the heart space and then a guided meditation. Bringing us strongly and firmly into the present and now. Taking more time to “sit” in this deep presence state will enhance our consciousness and awaken more energy and life force into our system. Creating more balance and spaciousness.

There will also be a gentle guided healing & awakening process for those who choose it.

It will be a casual but beautiful experience with a warm and friendly group of people.

There will also be discussion time afterwards where participants can share their experiences or ask questions. (Beginners welcome)

When: 22nd of Feb 9.30am to 2pm

( please arrive 10 mins early)

Where: Taringa – 221 Stanley Tce

Cost: $40 per person ($30 concession)

(Bring a small plate of food to share for after the session)

Join this even to book