Monthly events – explained…


Hello everyone & welcome 🙂  I wanted to share with you some more detailed information about the different events that run monthly so that you can firstly understand more and also so you choose which is going to be best for you.

Im going to explain what each event targets and the intention behind each one. Of course if you have any questions you can always connect with me.

 Conscious Creation Circles

With the CCC’s they are pretty much what the name says. So we are consciously creating what we want through the circle. So rather than just blindly jumping forwards based on our patterning, programing and the external events or the events form the external world dictating where we are going to go, its consciously making choices about the experiences we want to have and then moving towards that really constantly. Consciously.

You can absolutely create anything you desire regardless of your present circumstances or what your past has been.

So the CCC – there is the energy side of it. Which is the actual ceremony. Members are provided with a recorded audio process that they can follow along at the time of the ceremony. And also ongoing of course.

The processes are always about awakening, ascension, become aware of our own veils ofLightCCCillusions, our own programming and pattering, and really resolving all of that. So usually the current circumstances of our lives are based on our unconscious patterning and programming so there is a big part of the circle that talks about these veils of illusion how they works and of course how to resolve them.

I can truthfully say that I have things happen in my life all the time that are a result of my buried material; and unresolved programing. ALL THE TIME!

The difference is I embrace these things, own them and then look within to understand how Ive created it.

So that’s the CCC’s click on the link if you are interested in learning more. These are for those people who are ready to be powerfully stepping forward with creating and creating what they want in their lives. I’d love for you to join me, they are very enlightening, empowering and very potent.

Next is the Love Lift circles

These are a LOVE LIFT – it works more on the vibrational side of things. So in the CCC there’s a fair bit of teaching and guidance covered, these love Lift circles look more at the Light body and ethereal body as well as the frequencies and vibrations. So the energetics of awakening and ascension. Codes, frequencies, soul remembering. Each member participates in a distance energetic activation. Members are provided with audio guidance, and processes, different tools based on whatever is coming through at the time. The focus is more about the soul level and really connecting and embodying the soul into now. Its more of a rejuvenation, very much embodying more LOVE and light with a huge I choose lovecomponent of SELF love – learning to love yourself unconditionally. So that is the LLC. So perhaps you’re going along your feeling like you need a lift, you’re a bit flat or stressed, you’ve been busy or you have a lot going on these LLC are great for that. These are also very good for teenagers. Packed with value they are very affordable. I encourage you to participate if that resonates with you.

So next is the monthly children’s healing circles.

These are part of my service work. Im aware I have an agreement, a soul agreement to be offering these children’s healing circles.

They are really gentle, working with the vibration of Unconditional Love always in alignment with the soul plan for that child. The family of the Child also receives a healing.

I also wanted to explain more about how different these child’s healings are.

Its unique and specific for the CHC It is guidance that I have specifically remembered from my soul. In the beginning I was guided by the archangels to offer these children’s healing circles. I traveled up into the angelic realms, experienced the most profound and incredible healing from all of the archangels and angels. It was AMAZING! They surrounded me and were breathtakingly beautiful. I honestly am unable to articulate into words this experience.

During this and for some time afterwards I had amazing upgrades as well as activations of many things within me it was quite unbelievable and beautiful. So the healing I apply in the Childs healing circles really is very special and unique, there is nothing else like it and its part of my awakening agreements with humanity to offer this.

So that is what is involved in the energetic side of the healing, again Ive explained a little bit about that. Its very unique, I also offer a guided meditation, sometimes that includes the parent as an activity to do together, for bonding, healing awakening . So that the parent and child can relate in a new more awake way together. There is always a new meditation each month, there is other audio support that I offer. There is also parent guidance in the form of word documents, mini articles or audio. Usually there is something that comes through that Im guided to discuss and share information and guidance from that month. images (11)Usually the feedback from families is that it relates to things that are happening within those families that month anyway. So I also share that guidance, sometimes there is other material, different tools, music, etc. These are amazing.

I also wanted to say that there is no need for a child to be having any issues to participate – it can be more of a maintenance thing, as well as assisting these high frequency sensitive children to integrate and awaken. If you know any families that would benefit from the CHC please share them as well.

Monthly Meditation & Awakening Retreats- Brisbane

Meditation SpaceIve also been guided to offer a monthly a guided meditation and awakening retreat. These are heart based and open for beginners to advanced. During the day there is guidance, there is a guided meditation and sometimes a gentle process of awakening, it is always themed around awakening and ascension.

Weekly Awakening Class – Brisbane

There is also a weekly awakening class. We talk about things like the veils of illusions, there is activation, awakening, soul connections, high frequency’s and vibrations and lots of light. We connect with the infinite source of unconditional love, which of course is what we really all are!

So that is what is happening here every month, Im sure there is something there that would benefit you greatly.

I do also offer one on one sessions for anyone who feels guided to connect.

Bright Love Rhia ❤


Meditation and Awakening retreat – Brisbane 22nd of March

Please join us for this guided meditation retreat on Sunday the 22nd of Feb – 9.30am to 2pm

This Meditation retreat is for those who want to learn about Meditation or are wanting to take their practice to a deeper level. The morning will begin with a chanting session to really get the energy moving and the heart center open – for those who have never chanted before it really is an amazing experience and Im sure you find it joyful and uplifting

Meditation SpaceThe meditation format will be a guided body scan to ground, connection with the heart space and then a guided meditation. Bringing us strongly and firmly into the present and now. Taking more time to “sit” in this deep presence state will enhance our consciousness and awaken more energy and life force into our system. Creating more balance and spaciousness.

There will also be a gentle guided healing & awakening process for those who choose it.

It will be a casual but beautiful experience with a warm and friendly group of people.

There will also be discussion time afterwards where participants can share their experiences or ask questions. (Beginners welcome)

When: 22nd of March 9.30am to 2pm

( please arrive 10 mins early)

Where: Taringa – 221 Stanley Tce

Cost: $40 per person ($30 concession)

(Bring a small plate of food to share for after the session)

Join this even to book

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Self LOVE & Self HEALING mp3 audio or CD.

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ear phones meditationIf you feel you could benefit from rejuvenating, revitalising and generally just feeling uplifted this easy guided audio is for you.

If you are wanting to love yourself more, resolve any self esteem issues or are needing healing in any form this audio is perfect.

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Bright Love Rhia ❤