The Creation Game


The intention of this game is to a) have fun and b) experience creation in a conscious way.

If you choose to play this is how it works.

See the 5 colour cards in the image?

What you do is consciously select one of those colours.

Then “create” me selecting your chosen colour when its your turn.

So for each person who plays. I will flip the cards over so they are face down and mix then up. Then when I think about you/ your name I will randomly, with my eyes closed, select one card for you.

The idea is that you “create” me choosing the colour card you have selected.

I 100% know we can create anything! Ive done it many times…. So it makes sense the more conscious we are of creating the better. Right?

Step. 1 ~ Choose your colour
Step. 2 ~ Let me know you want to play, either by commenting or joining in this Fb group. KEEP YOUR COLOUR TO YOURSELF!!!
Step. 3 ~ Sunday the 27th pm I will do the actual drawing of the cards, so you have plenty of time to create the outcome you desire.


Remember this is a GAME and is about having fun 
If you think someone you know may also like to join in please invite them to join. (Keep in mind this is the first go at this game so we may need to do some fine tuning as we go along)

Also I have created this game completely myself so appreciate that you honour this and do not copy in any way.

Thanks everyone Love Rhia