Rhia Valentine and Universal Change Group

Meditation, Personal Development, Consciousness, Spirituality, Voice DialogueIn the initial stages I carefully assess each individual’s, or group’s situation and work supportively with you to design and manage your journey to best suit you, your personality, your situation, and the outcomes you seek.

I always operate with the highest possible standards and  always challenge myself to raise the bar. Making me one of the leaders in this field.

Paving the way with personal integrity, ethics and example, even in the most challenging and seemingly impossible situations and circumstances. These experiences coupled with  knowledge, values, ethics and talent have shaped Universal Change Group into the best choice. I organise and manage effective change management strategies and programs with a keen interest in social change.

If you care about the change you’re embarking on, about the impact you make then be selective and work with the best. Empower yourself! Take action now and design a new course for success or healing in any direction you choose! Remember, its never too late. Nothing is set in cement. EVERYTHING can be changed.

Please contact me for a confidential discussion of your situation.

For more on individual sessions click here…

Check out http://www.facebook.com/UniversalChangeGroup for more interesting posts and information.


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