Abundance and Wealth Resonance Mastery 4 part e-course.

Abundance and Wealth Resonance mastery 4 part  e-course.

The first if its kind – this mini e-course will support YOU to Learn how to change your unconscious connection and frequency towards money and abundance. And then Raise your Vibrational connection and open up to abundance and universal flow….

Receive channelled downloads and meditations into your inbox for personal listening in the comfort and privacy of your own home in your own time.

Rhia facilitates these guided meditations for your listening to speed up and open this connection to raise your vibration and frequency. Clearing up any contractions in this area.

Abundance angelYou have been conditioned by your upbringing to live out certain patterns with regard to money. People, who are naturally rich, have been conditioned to let money into their lives. They are open energetically and have clear connections to the abundant flow. All others need to work with their minds, and energy systems.  Your system has undreamed of creative potentials which can be turned to creating money and abundance. This relates to creating opportunities and being open to possibilities as well. The richest people in the world have understood this, and apply these principals on a daily basis. You can now join them by developing your system.

Sign up now for this four part email course direct to your inbox with information on; what your mind set is about money, what money/ abundance personality set you have and what strategies & techniques work best with your personality, Identify your saboteurs, guided channelled meditations and more…

Make a Decision that YOU DO want to have wealth and abundance in your life and NOW go for it!

This is an introductory offer of $29.95 as this is the first time this unique and specialized course is running. Once the website has been upgraded and the Wealth & abundance membership area open this course will increase in cost considerably.

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Read on for more examples of information covered in this brilliant course.

Buried material

The creative power (or law of attraction) is also listening to your subconscious patterns and responding to those in the some way. And if your subconscious patterns are filled with powerful negative emotions, whether it be terror, rage or sadness, or any other, then it is very likely these powerful, unresolved subconscious negative emotions, will overpower your conscious desires and bring in what you don’t want, or perhaps a mix of the two. The goals and experiences you are consciously creating and the suppressed beach balls under the surface.

So, even if you are doing techniques to bring what you want, using the law of attraction, unless these are more powerful than what you have stored deeply within yourself, it is very difficult to attract them to you.

Many of these negative patterns arise from unresolved patterns from childhood and usually appear as negative beliefs about Life. These need clearing up – To be brought up to the surface and dissolved. The first step is understanding your mind, body, energy system. And then developing your personal power and consciousness.

Abundance Mentality

It is very important to develop respect for money. To do this you need to see it for what it is and to remove your delusions from it. Do everything that you can to understand it and to see it as a means of exchange, as the lubricant of society. Look into it carefully. In other words develop a clear understanding of it, a relationship with it. Don’t believe it to be something that you need to keep away from, that you don’t really want to know about, that you have some sort of victim mentality towards. We all need money to survive and thrive. Hold a note in your hand, examine it and really see that the accumulation of it is nothing more than an expression of your mind. Dissolve anything within yourself that inhibits you taking the necessary actions to managing money and you will succeed.

Abundance Role Models

Did you have a role model in your childhood who had an abundant attitude towards life? Or no role model who had this mentality who made their lives rich, vibrant and full? This is again very important, because we are beings of imitation, we are all living out a role model of some sort. We only have to look at children growing up imitating their parents, or they imitate what they see on the television or whatever it is, friends and so on, we imitate because it is a basic requirement of survival.

If we look around we will see that those who have survived have survived because they have done something, so we imitate them so we can survive. You don’t imitate people who haven’t survived and people quickly change their beliefs and attitudes if somebody they have copied goes down the tube. They then quickly imitate somebody else, the basic survival thing. It is quite possible that you are imitating, in your life, with regards to your abundance and wealth attitudes and beliefs somebody in your life who didn’t make it financially. Or worse…

Maybe you have a role model there, maybe your parents, teacher, or a priest, or friend, or somebody in your peer group. Who are you imitating? Who is your role Model that you are playing out? We are all playing out something whether we like it or not, we are all playing something. Who is it that you are playing out? So it is obviously a problem if you have a negative role model or a series of them.

So positive, abundant, vibrant, rich, joyful qualities to imitate from role models = A wealthy and fulfilled life!

What will you role model to your children and the universe?

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