Advanced Meditation and Consciousness Development group

Advanced Meditation and Development Class on Monday was really excellent.

Each week is different and always really profound and deep. Here is an outline of what last nights class was all about so you have an idea of the way this group works.  We began the class by sitting in a circle surrounded by heaps of crystal grids and these really set the energy buzzing! In the center there was a large Kundalini egg crystal to support each person for the duration of the meditation. There were also many orbs and sacred geometric shapes in the room during the meditation. Plus lots more but we like to keep some information reserved just for group members!

This week the meditation session began with a deeply grounding body scan to connect with the physical level and support our consciousness and attention to be present and grounded in the now.

From there we placed our concentration or attention on the Kundalini and sat with the energy – connected and present and clear.

From there we practiced a rotation of energy meditation consciously rotating our energy around the different energy points of our system.

From there we moved into a guided healing which I channelled and have recorded!

Advanced Meditation Brisbane

After each session we have a group discussion where everybody can share their experiences, have a giggle and ask any questions they may have. Ive included a short snippet of our group discussion from last nights class so you have more of an idea of what we do.

  • I kept seeing a snake in the Kundalini area. I felt it get freezing cold and just kept holding my energy and focus here. I saw blue and green energy too as we grounded into the body. I could hear beeping.
  • The energy began to take over and do its own thing during the rotation.
  • I felt my Kundalini activate and felt really grounded. I also heard music. I also had a vision of a vine or something growing over my legs. Deep green and leaves – I feel it was connected to my heart
  • My legs were a bit uncomfortable, but I just sat with the energy and was really disciplined then the energy shifted and cleared. It was different again this week. I felt the energy was supportive too.
  • As we started I heard a chant I my mind.
  • I felt my Kundalini point and it was uncomfortable! I felt the rotation of energy take off and I could feel the tingle in my throat. Very intense and powerful.
  • The healing was amazing, Lots of things happening. I saw all kinds of blue in my stomach and then just above my heart there was a big star and it begun to spin and spin and red and gold and white light. It cleared and healed something.
  • I saw white and gold – watching colours, like spot lights, a had a buzzing sound in my ears as the energy built up. Then the energy began to tingle and then engulfed my entire system.
  • Usually I feel a change or a clearing and see different things as we move through each area.
  • As we moved through the dna, rna, and on the cellular level I felt and saw creator and all that is inside each and every cell.
  • Mind realm – I find the light cue good as I feel an expansion of white light throughout my mind level. I keep expanding it out.
  • When we moved along the back I felt every vertebrae filled with intense white light and then exploding and expanding and then spreading out into space and connecting with stars. It was amazing.
  • During the clearing and release section I pushed things over a water fall and felt it all flow away. And I did feel it was really gone.

If you are interested in consciousness development and deepening your meditation experience please contact me or click here for more on classes, courses and workshops available.

More about the Kundalini –

The primordial Shakti, or cosmic energy that lies dormant in a coiled form over the Muladhara (base) and swadhisthana ( sacral) Charka’s and is located at the base of the spine and when awakened purifies the entire being.

What is Kundalini Energy?

Kundalini traditionally refers to a coiled energy located around the pelvic region, particularly the base of the spine. It is the evolutionary or growth force, and the rejuvenating or healing force.

When it is activated to a greater intensity, by concentration in the way we refer to here, it causes a tremendous force of healing energy to pass through every cell of a person’s system.

With some people it can be an amazing series of experiences, which are awe inspiring and almost unbelievable.

There is so much confusion about Kundalini, but if you keep in mind that it is the healing and evolutionary force you wont go far wrong. Moderation and balance with your growth is always recommended. Feel free to read other blog articles on meditation on the home page. Just scroll down.


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