Agreement – Classes and Workshops

Here at Universal Change Group we are conscious of the need to be evolving and this often includes an upgrade of the way we do things. Due to the expansion of our Classes we have a need to implement firmer standards around our policy’s and guidelines.

Some of these changes include

  •  A new student agreement – to be signed and recorded by all students. (see a copy of the agreement below)
  • Firmer class guidelines – including ethical standards, internal boundary  management, as well as a confidentiality procedure.
  • Booking and sign in procedures
  • Intellectual property and Copy right protection around methods, techniques, material etc. – To ensure the high end standard of Universal Change Group and its material is maintained.

The class guidelines & Agreement

  1. All content, information, techniques and procedures learnt or practiced in the class or workshop are the property of Universal Change Group and are not to be copied or shared in any way. Particularly in a professional context or for use on another person in any kind of therapy or other forms of sessions.
  2. All class members are required to operate with a high level of behaviour within the class environment – including refraining from ‘reading’ – ‘influencing’ or ‘working’ on another class member, especially during release periods.
  3. Experiences of members within the classroom environment are to remain private and are not to be discussed outside of it. – the exception of this is if explicit written permission has been given for specific situations and/ or in the online chat room. For class members to grow to their full potential the environment must be a safe and secure. Confidentiality agreements will ensure this standard.
  4. Strict adherence to class start and finish times is also a requirement unless previous permission has been given.
  5. As all students are a reflection of Universal Change Group. It is also an expectation that class members behave with these same high standards of behaviour outside of the class room environment when they are out in the community.

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