Guided Meditation and Awakening Process ~ Self Esteem


Hello & Welcome to another beautiful online meditation & Awakening class.

2 processes this week will see members guided to a deeper awareness and understanding of their own self esteem, plus a beautiful embracing & deep healing.

As always, these are gentle yet powerful and beautifully

There isĀ the option to join in LIVE and engage in the sharing and discussion OR log in when it suits you and meditate in your own time or both Yay!

The cost for the meditation is $13 and payable via paypal or eft. Where you will receive a link & log in with access to the private meditation for this week. The log in and password will stay active for the entire week so members can listen to the meditation as often as guided for that week. ( There is also the option of sharing experiences etc with other class members via the chat feature at the bottom of the page in the private area of the website for that week ).


NEW ** Meditation Classes ~ plus LIVE online!

I have some happy news šŸ™‚Ā Im really inspired and motivated and know if you try these new classes you will be too. Be sure to fill in the form below to book your place.Ā 

Monday class 7pm to 8.30pmĀ  (Awakening & Activating)

IsĀ focused on awakening and healing. Members will be guided through different processes each week to assist with things like awareness of ego programs and veils, building of the witness, soul/higher self connection ad embodiment, light body activation, higher consciousness and more.

Wednesday new class 7pm to 8pmĀ  ( GuidedĀ Meditation & Nourishing)

IsĀ a standard heart based guided meditation class. Perfect for beginners or those wanting to take time for themselves to improve their focus, awareness, energy, self heal and more. These guided meditations are gentle and soft and very nurturing. Attendees will be held in a beautiful space and experience nourishing of their being and leave rejuvenated and refreshed. Ā A wonderful way to fill yourself up and do something special for yourself each week.

33644bxhnjgbapsRemember both of these classes are available LIVE online, in person, or can be purchased as a recording on mp3.

Did you know that connecting and activating the heart like we do in these classes is one the fastest ways to embrace your unique soul gifts, talents and abilities? Bringing through lifetimes of wisdom, experiences, mastery, expertise, skills, power and more.

Remember you can log in online to this class from anywhere in the world and I’d LOVE Ā to have you join us!

Pay via paypal $13 AusĀ 

7pm Wednesday Brisbane time.

Love, Light & Awakening dust ā¤


The Creation Game


The intention of this game is to a) have fun and b) experience creation in a conscious way.

If you choose to play this is how it works.

See the 5 colour cards in the image?

What you do is consciously select one of those colours.

Then ā€œcreateā€ me selecting your chosen colour when its your turn.

So for each person who plays. I will flip the cards over so they are face down and mix then up. Then when I think about you/ your name I will randomly, with my eyes closed, select one card for you.

The idea is that you ā€œcreateā€ me choosing the colour card you have selected.

I 100% know we can create anything! Ive done it many timesā€¦. So it makes sense the more conscious we are of creating the better. Right?

Step. 1 ~ Choose your colour
Step. 2 ~ Let me know you want to play, either by commenting or joining in this Fb group. KEEP YOUR COLOUR TO YOURSELF!!!
Step. 3 ~ Sunday the 27th pm I will do the actual drawing of the cards, so you have plenty of time to create the outcome you desire.


Remember this is a GAME and is about having funĀ ā˜ŗ
If you think someone you know may also like to join in please invite them to join. (Keep in mind this is the first go at this game so we may need to do some fine tuning as we go along)

Also I have created this game completely myself so appreciate that you honour this and do not copy in any way.

Thanks everyone Love Rhia