Guided Meditation and Awakening Process ~ Self Esteem


Hello & Welcome to another beautiful online meditation & Awakening class.

2 processes this week will see members guided to a deeper awareness and understanding of their own self esteem, plus a beautiful embracing & deep healing.

As always, these are gentle yet powerful and beautifully

There is the option to join in LIVE and engage in the sharing and discussion OR log in when it suits you and meditate in your own time or both Yay!

The cost for the meditation is $13 and payable via paypal or eft. Where you will receive a link & log in with access to the private meditation for this week. The log in and password will stay active for the entire week so members can listen to the meditation as often as guided for that week. ( There is also the option of sharing experiences etc with other class members via the chat feature at the bottom of the page in the private area of the website for that week ).


NEW ** Meditation Classes ~ plus LIVE online!

I have some happy news 🙂 Im really inspired and motivated and know if you try these new classes you will be too. Be sure to fill in the form below to book your place. 

Monday class 7pm to 8.30pm  (Awakening & Activating)

Is focused on awakening and healing. Members will be guided through different processes each week to assist with things like awareness of ego programs and veils, building of the witness, soul/higher self connection ad embodiment, light body activation, higher consciousness and more.

Wednesday new class 7pm to 8pm  ( Guided Meditation & Nourishing)

Is a standard heart based guided meditation class. Perfect for beginners or those wanting to take time for themselves to improve their focus, awareness, energy, self heal and more. These guided meditations are gentle and soft and very nurturing. Attendees will be held in a beautiful space and experience nourishing of their being and leave rejuvenated and refreshed.  A wonderful way to fill yourself up and do something special for yourself each week.

33644bxhnjgbapsRemember both of these classes are available LIVE online, in person, or can be purchased as a recording on mp3.

Did you know that connecting and activating the heart like we do in these classes is one the fastest ways to embrace your unique soul gifts, talents and abilities? Bringing through lifetimes of wisdom, experiences, mastery, expertise, skills, power and more.

Remember you can log in online to this class from anywhere in the world and I’d LOVE  to have you join us!

Pay via paypal $13 Aus 

7pm Wednesday Brisbane time.

Love, Light & Awakening dust ❤


Psychic communication for children and families,

images stair case.I want to say that this is a huge topic and there is so so much more I could add here but I wanted to keep this post as short and simple as possible so anyone interested in trying this out could do it straight away. Lets begin  Its important to be grounded and to be present and that we are in the right place before we start. This helps to reduce the amount of ego and old stuff we carry. So focusing all of your awareness into your heart space. And breathing and grounding, exhaling out the usual tension or stress that has build up from everyday experiences. As you connect with your heart, making a choice to feel self love, a higher vibration and to be consciously connecting in with your soul self. When I say that Im referring to that beautiful love and light that is your soul. That unique frequency that is your soul. Im referring to that special feeling that is you, that is your soul and really connecting in with that. Choosing to connect and connecting in thids way builds the connection stronger and stronger. Even if you don’t feel it – keep at it. It will happen. images love lightSo totally feeling that – breathing into it, embracing it and imbibing it. Then really visualizing that really potent pure, brilliant light and allow that to emanate from your heart space into your whole body and then outwards to your aura. Whatever light that you see and feel is perfect for you. Trust that and go with that, whatever colours, hue, if there are patterns or other symbols or geometry and things that you are seeing, really let that be ok and trust that and allow it expand . remember to keep your breath going and you want to be really present and grounded. So as you are there connected with your heart./Soul and bringing through that beautiful light that is your soul. And with that light that incredible frequency, that vibration that is your soul. And feeling your whole system raising up and becoming lighter and your vibration becoming lighter and higher. And contained within that frequency also is little packets of information, I call them energy packets and memory packets. And they contain information, there is coding, there is memories and keys, energy information basically. So what I like to do is to really consciously direct that, see it as light in my cells, my muscles, bones, skin and also make sure I send it out into my aura. Its really cleansing and very good for the light body to do that. HeartSo starting with us, our own self connection in this way is the first stage. So before connecting with anyone else in any way. Once you are seeing yourself as a pure being of light, so your whole system completely flooded, engulfed with light and the love from your soul and your aura too – so then go really deep into your heart. Centered it the now. You may need to practice this a lot to get to this point easily and quickly. And that’s really ok to, because im sure this will bring things up for you. Anytime you bring more love, light and a higher frequency into your system its going to be stirring up the older, denser material up for processing. ( especially the lower vibrations, unconscious thought patterns in the mind and we all have that so be kind and gentle with yourself always ) **** If you are interested in learning what to do if this does occur , how to process this material if this happen for you, I do offer sessions and guide people through the best way to do that for them. We all have our unique system that we chose to come here to earth and have this experience with. Its helpful to understand how to work through that in the best way for you. **** So your there you’ve flooded yourself with Love and Light from your soul and your really grounded into your heart, your aura is also clear, especially the area around your head and face – this is what I have found personally to be the best way for me. imagesThis is a generic way that Im sharing with you (there are other things I do depending on what im wanting communicate, who im wanting to communicate with and the kind of communication im wanting ) So that really bright, brilliant, potent super high frequency love light. I send a strand of light from my heart, through my thymus, throat, and third eye. Im also connecting with the other energy points in my head which includes the pineal, ears, causal etc… and as this love light comes up into my head im processing, im thinking the information, formulating questions etc.) that I want to know. And then im sending that strand of pure love light, im sending that into the other persons heart space. Im sending it with love. Im sending with acceptance and with awareness. So there is no control or influencing, its just really pure and aware telepathic/ psychic communication. What I also like to do is visualize the other person as a being of love and light. So as their soul. Then stay open to receive whatever comes back. So conscious listening or observing rather than the unconscious blab of the identity. images 23I want to add here that often the communication occurs outside of words. Remember the energy packets? These contain more than just words…. To begin with I suggest that you practice this a lot. Keep it simple eg have yes or no questions or even just practice sending for a while. What you will notice is there will be a shift within yourself . and you will have things come up to the surface for processing . that is defiantly going to occur, because you are becoming more aware of yourself. Your activating your own psychic abilities, by doing this so you’ll become more sensitive. You’re raising your vibration and your light body will be upgraded by doing this. It will be impacting your neural pathways with a very high frequency and cleaning up, really cleansing your own thought patterning including the processes and the thought patterning in your own mind. I would love to share more about this with you all. And if anyone is interested in a short course about this please let me know in the comments below. So of course you are also sending out that high frequency to the other person so you are also impacting them in an uplifting, positive way as well. I really love sharing my own experiences with you, so that you can do these things in your own families J I do this with my own children all the time. All 3 of my children have their own unique ways of communicating with me and were connecting before they were born. All 3 very different experiences, again they are different souls and have their own journeys to experience here. These are things I still do and am always learning and developing as I go along. Id love to hear how you qo with this, set yourself some reminders and really stick with it. Its so worth it. Even if you have some bumpy days with old stuff coming up. We all have it, just be kind to yourself and keep going ❤ Sending bright love and thank you for reading. ❤

High Frequency Kids ~ Loving Guidance ~ Family Relating ~ Awakening

Im sharing a personal example of an experience that occurred for our family around loving guidance and modelling of desired behaviours in a gentle way for highly sensitive kids.

Recently we attended this incredible concert. It was performed by Kosmic Evolution. Check out their channel! They create and perform music about awakening and ascension. Its beautiful music performed by incredible people.

So during the concert Miss 5 starts to really express herself and get into the music. She begins to jump around and of course dancing is encouraged. There are designated areas for dancing and it is a live concert and is being recorded and beamed out LIVE across the planet. Pretty awesome huh!

There are some guidelines around where to sit, where to dance and that kind of thing. So miss 5 begins to become really enthusiastic! She does LOVE the music and has heard it before many times. The music is so uplifting and awakening and has a high vibration so being sensitive Miss 5 also becomes quite excited, imagine her exhilarated with all of that high frequency energy. We all were of course, but we’re not 5!

So She is jumping and dancing around and this quickly escalates into more exuberant jumping around. Then she starts to throw cushions around – it started as a semi tame game of “one person throws the cushion to the other person and then they throw it back”. But this quickly escalates into all the kids burying each other under the cushions and then throwing them off as they escape the cushion mountain. Ahhh! They thought it was awesome!

So by this stage Miss 5 has pretty much lost her ability to self calm, or even be very present. Its just all wild fun, expression, jumping, enthusiastic dancing, and throwing cushions around.

So she’s dancing pretty crazily and then throws a cushion that lands onto the key pad and some of the other equipment inside the booth where the lovely technician is looking after the LIVE stream and the rest of the tech stuff for the concert. So this rouge cushion could of easily hit one of the buttons that controls the camera’s, sound, or impacted the live streaming.

Luckily the cushion didn’t hit any buttons and the concert finished and we all had an amazing time.

So because Miss 5 is very sensitive and gifted I really wanted to approach this in a different way. She is very independent and is quite head strong and will often become defiant if someone tells her she can’t do something. Hands up who has a high frequency child like that????

A softer, kinder approach is really how Im choosing to relate within my family. So we played a game together called ‘concerts’ – where we created a stage that we decorated with sparkles, and glitter and beads and material, and we dressed up her dolls to be the performers in the concert, there was a smaller little girl doll that represented her as well, she choose all the clothes and the costumes, etcGuidance through play

So we had number 1 concert that was just for Miss 5, so she could choose what happened to all the people, the music played, where they were, how they danced etc. So whatever she wanted to happen, happened in her concert. So she was the singer and she was in charge, did all the things she wanted to do. It was great and she loved it.

20150307_185455Then we had concert number 2. So we created a stage for it, decorated it and had the performers on the stage and her dancing in the designated area dancing nicely, and staying present and centered. We discussed how to do that, talked about breathing and being aware of our bodies and our selves. All in a very loving way. All the while playing it out through the dolls. So no cushion throwing. As we play ‘concerts’ and talk, its all level calm and Im sending her love and approval and really creating a awake and safe space.

20150307_185415We will continue to play ‘concerts’ and im sure it will develop naturally as we go.  At the end of this month there is another LIVE concert, so there is plenty of time for her to fully understand this and integrate this higher self awareness. Including time for her pathway to continue to develop.

So its all done in a very gentle way, in a loving way. To explain and get information across to any child so they can understand in a positive way. In a way these younger kids can understand, experience through play and loving relating and connection.

Now I do want to note here that Ive done quite a lot of awakening work myself. Ive embraced and resolved a lot of my own buried or suppressed material and that makes it easier to be and relate in this way. And I totally encourage every parent to do this also. It is so good for many reasons.

This little blog is an example of how we like to support the kids with learning, and behaviour and guiding their expression. So instead of traditional discipline, or being harsh and having them feel like they’ve done something ‘wrong’.

We go about it in a much kinder way and in a way that they are really going to fathom and understand on their level and continue to understand. To begin to develop self awareness and be able to become present and start to manage them selves as they grow.

Especially these high frequency kids, they have come in already very awake, gifted and sensitive. They are wanting to awaken just as much as we do.

So I wanted to share a little about how we do things and I’d really love to have you to connect with us in our Awakening families group. We will be sharing regular blogs and other posts that we hope you find helpful in this time of awakening. Members are welcome to post and share openly there too.

Thank you for reading.

Sending Bright Love from our awakening family to yours.

Love is the answer ❤