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I have some happy news 🙂 Im really inspired and motivated and know if you try these new classes you will be too. Be sure to fill in the form below to book your place. 

Monday class 7pm to 8.30pm  (Awakening & Activating)

Is focused on awakening and healing. Members will be guided through different processes each week to assist with things like awareness of ego programs and veils, building of the witness, soul/higher self connection ad embodiment, light body activation, higher consciousness and more.

Wednesday new class 7pm to 8pm  ( Guided Meditation & Nourishing)

Is a standard heart based guided meditation class. Perfect for beginners or those wanting to take time for themselves to improve their focus, awareness, energy, self heal and more. These guided meditations are gentle and soft and very nurturing. Attendees will be held in a beautiful space and experience nourishing of their being and leave rejuvenated and refreshed.  A wonderful way to fill yourself up and do something special for yourself each week.

33644bxhnjgbapsRemember both of these classes are available LIVE online, in person, or can be purchased as a recording on mp3.

Did you know that connecting and activating the heart like we do in these classes is one the fastest ways to embrace your unique soul gifts, talents and abilities? Bringing through lifetimes of wisdom, experiences, mastery, expertise, skills, power and more.

Remember you can log in online to this class from anywhere in the world and I’d LOVE  to have you join us!

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7pm Wednesday Brisbane time.

Love, Light & Awakening dust ❤



The last 5 days!

So it all started on the1st of December. The day before I had been embracing different aspects of my system, resolving some veils and self healing, which was also a deep shift. I’d also been questioning and looking at a veil program.

That night I had a profound dream, it was very unusual. Not a normal dream, It was very different, what I would call a soul dream. There was an awakening and a remembering in that dream. Like a vision/ past life experience while dreaming. I Remembered through this dream another life where I was involved in ceremony, and other magical workings around the celestial flow.
I was a high priestess of an order in a temple which was quite important in the structure of the society of the time. It was kind of revered, those workings and the regular events offered by the temples. It was common practice worshipping and working with the celestial flow and basically followed by everybody. As were members of the temple, who conducted these ceremonies supported and placed in positions of high esteem within the society.
I know this was not Atlantis as I have had other remembering’s of Atlantis. This was a druid type of civilization, I know it was on Earth, but a very very long time ago. There was technology and people had abilities and I also have a knowing that some people I know in this life time in 2014 were also present in that life experience from the dream. So from the dream/ remembering I have had knowing’s and other remembering’s coming through. Actually Ive been going through a major shift. Read deep purging, questioning and lots of tears!
So one particular experience in this other life was of a ceremony around the cycle of the planet venus emerging from the underworld.
In this life, the time from the dream the ceremony was called the first light. In the dream I was working with that cycle and venus emerging from the underworld. It was the time when Venus emerged as the evening star for the first time. So this ceremony of first light – in this other life and the ceremonies purpose was a merging and forming a union of the masculine and feminine energies, there was also marriages on this day, specific vows, contracts and marriages occurring that were conduced at that specific time of the cycle when the first light of venus was seen in the sky.
If you’d like to read a little about this astrological alignment click on this link
So Ive been embracing this awakening experience and have had quite a big sift from embodying all of the energies, memories, wisdoms and abilities from that life experience. The day after the dream I went through some major integration symptoms, I was burning hot, had a big headache and lots of head expansion as well as a feeling of nausea which is only just now easing off.
What I know understand from this awakening experience is that the rituals and ceremonies, from that life experience
The vows and rituals and there was quite a lot of spiritual dogma as well, a lot the rituals and the energetics of these, the vibrations of those rituals have been carried forward and have been quite binding, even to now and are still here today. Which is one reason why I dreamed and remembered this, so I could resolve it.
And of course Ive planned from a soul level for this dream to occur – to have this awakening activation.
So what I understand from this experience is that I could potentially end up in another experience similar to the life time in my dream and from what I know and recall from that dream. Still was not a very enlightened time on earth. There was still the 3d matrix playing out. And the ego programs of limitation, a lot of rules, still the giving away of power to those in ‘authority’– no freedom or free thinking for the people at that time. A lot of dogma and needing to subordinate, etc…
As Ive been going through this sift Ive really embraced the energies, the gifts I had at that time and have just been sitting with that. I have been going through another awakening, witnessing another layer or layers to be precise of my ego programs or veils of illusion as they are often called.
This has really brought up a lot of deep stuff for me and with the support of the planet Venus and this dream, I could personally choose to follow through with this ancient ceremony to offer my wisdom and these rituals and but if I do this its just another cycle, and another tradition, another ritual that could easily lead to more of the same, cycles that we have already been through.
I have to say honestly that doing this not very appealing to me. I for one want to wake up from all of these cycles, from the illusion, spiritual dogma, rules and traditional and ceremony that bring our attention outside of us.
From the wheel!
That brings our attention to reinforcing this 3d matrix, the illusion that we are currently living in as our reality.

I choose love
Let me put this in a different way. When you leant to drive a car there are steps that you follow, it’s the same when performing a ritual or a ceremony. Follow a set of steps. In the beginning the attention is turned to the steps but once the steps are learnt the process becomes unconscious. It happens without even thinking about it. Neural pathways are formed, the learning is stored into the cellular memory and the energetics and vibrations from the experiences of driving are also loaded up into the system.
Imagine now that you’ve driven a car in 50 life times. How much of that car driving experience you’d of stored?? It’s the same with ceremony and rituals.
So sharing my understanding here with you, the way that I have comprehended this dream/ memory and the wisdoms that Ive gained through embracing all of this. Sharing with you in the hope that this creates an activation of awakening for you as well.

And I do realize that this may be confronting for people who do follow CEREMONY and rituals and ancient rights but I am personally choosing to finish with all of that.
Im choosing to resolve fully any of those intermediary steps of following a ritual or anything that is outside of me.
Instead only connecting with my soul that is pure love and the infinite source of unconditional love. Because everything else is still a part of the illusion in this fallen, forgotten experience.
I have been working with this dream/ life quite a lot. I have felt very solitary as Ive been going through this awakening shift. With lots of questioning. Lots of questioning. Am I the only one who is going through this?
Why are others referring to Atlantis and bringing through other rituals and gifts from these past times? When this in my understanding is reinforcing the illusion?
To be honest I have had some deep releases and some purging from this. Shed many tears and considered suppressing this latest experience of awakening. I really did, because its a lot easier to follow the crowd. Even the supposed ‘awakening crowd’.
I really did consider that it would be easier to go and peddle my knowledge and spiritual dogma and fit right in.
But my heart said NO. I don’t want to do this for another million years or whatever it is. I don’t want to follow ancient ceremonies or anything that is other than the infinite love that I come from. Which is also my heart and who I really am.
My heart says to me don’t worship anything outside of yourself. And If Im choosing to feel my heart and follow my heart and Im trusting that then I know this will create a change and a ripple and a shift and maybe others will feel that too.
And if I share my experience and what Im going through then maybe that will activate an awakening in others too.
Any maybe this wont ! But this is where I am at.
So instead of connecting to the flow of venus emerging from the underworld in the coming months and the whole cycle and what that’s suppose to represent as written in astrology books or ancient texts or what other people have ‘channeled’ from an external being. Instead of following that. Im applying this point right now. An awakening point to no longer follow cycles, and things that are external. But to simply choose love instead. To create a new flow – and what Ive also decided to do is offer an awakening group session. Im opening that up for people to be involved where I share all of the details of this experience Ive had

What Ive personally done to unhook from the programs and veils to awaken and build awareness of how those cycles so deeply play out in us, in our lives, and systems, the energies of these rituals that reinforce the veils of illusion.
Plus to share a guided process of choosing to awaken and to choosing to step into love. I know this is a bit radical, really different and out there.
If this resonates and calls to you please connect with me, that would be beautiful.
And if it doesn’t then it just means its not part of your soul plan and that’s totally ok and I wish you well on your journey.
What I do really love is the diversity and differences and myriads of ways we are all waking up.
Im sharing this because I know from my heart that this needs to be talked about and shared. Instead of jumping in the car and speeding off – defining where we are going before even getting into the car and knowing there is a choice.
So as I embrace more of my high priestess from this other life, the wisdoms and remembering’s and continue to awaken through this shift. I shine the first light of venus in a new way. As an awakening point and I’ll offer this to you so that you too have a choice and you can step out of these cycles, resolve any vows and illusions and begin a new flow for yourself and your life that is directly connected to the infinite source of unconditional love which is who we are.
It is very simple and refreshing and I truly feel this is the way forward.
Again if this awakening group session resonates with you please send me a private message.
Bright Love Rhia