Childrens healing circle

KidsSo how do these child healings work?

A circle will run once a month with the process being done via distance, energetically. Due to the process being via distance and very gently, children can be going about their day as normal, either at school, daycare, etc with no ill effects.

The total time frame is around 2 hours with each child receiving individual healing attention in alignment with their highest good.

Numbers are set at 10 for each monthly circle and the circle is open to newborns and children up to 16 years of age.

These healings are always gentle, loving and always for the child’s highest good. All children benefit from the circle and there is no need for any special issues although these can be addressed too.

Children healing circle

Rainbow children

In addition the circle is a place for children to awaken and integrate very softly these new frequency’s we are all experiencing, a loving space for them to assimilate through this shift.

Having 3 sensitive children myself I am also aware of the need for support for our high vibration/ gifted children. Again ALL children would benefit from a place in the monthly circle.

Click here to read a recent article I wrote sharing an experience of travelling to the angelic realm for healing and activations specific for offering these child’s healings.

There are so many benefits of having your child participate in this healing circle. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me for more.

The incredible fee for a place in the healing circle is $24.95

Book now

Packed with VALUE each child will also receive
– guidance in the form of an audio, ( this is more for mum and dad )
– a gentle guided meditation/ healing to listen to at home to build self love, awareness, and inner connection /healing skills. These are new each month.
– a guided audio to play in the background while sleeping to promote deep self connection, self love, and other positive values.
– a crystal grid in the form of an image
– other tools from time to time as guided.

So if you feel your child would benefit from this beautiful, healing experience I invite you to book now for the next Child’s Healing circle set for Wednesday the 11th of March 2015. 

IMG_2382Please also forward this information on to any families who would benefit from these amazing child healing circles.

Sending bright LOVE.
My BEST! Rhia ❤


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