Clairaudience Meditation


Clairaudience is extra sensitive hearing, or inner hearing. The ability to hear things outside the range of normal perception – and is associated with the fifth chakra, the throat center.

Lesson 5This information – sounds, messages, and guidance can occur either as the actual perception of sound, such as someone whispering in your ear, or as a thought, as if you were silently talking to yourself. The difference between normal thought dialogues and these ‘extra’ messages is that they recurringly  pop into your head uninvited, and often when distracted in an activity or experience.

Common examples are hearing your name whispered in your ear, ringing in your ears, a song, a poem, random words, clear sentences and direct guidance about a situation or scenario you are in.

Other sensations common to activation of this sense are ears ‘popping’ and feeling like they are clogged. Or swishing, beachy, water sounds. Im sure there are others.

The attached meditation and activation will support you to attune and calibrate to higher frequencies of sound. You may become extremely sensitive to sound at first so use your shields and boundaries and be sure to keep away from really loud volumes.

Once you begin to ‘hear’ more – whatever that is for you. Stay open to it. No judging yourself for what you may or may not hear or get. Just allow the process to happen. You may like to keep a journal of  your experiences.

To receive the 2 x Clairaudience Audio’s fill your details in the form below.

Clairaudience Homework

Try and do each of these exercises daily.

  1. Listen to the Meditation/ activation audio each day.
  2. Listen to the Music Audio (no. 2) each day after the meditation / activation. See how many different instruments, sounds you can distinguish. Can you pick out the flute, guitar, etc. Then gradually turn the volume down and see how long and low you can continue to hear it.

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