Conscious Creation Circle Manifestation Support

Ive created this page to provide you with some ideas and options about creating and manifestations.

Are you experiencing any of these?

  • In congruencies within your self, system or life.
  • Patterns or belief systems unaligned with the experiences you desire
  • Confusion or continual changing of goals and vision
  • Difficult external situations and circumstances that hinder you achieving your creations.
  • People interfering or sabotaging you and your life.
  • Other blocks or issues in the way

Lotus flowerI suggest the following:

  • Have your CCCC experience about YOURSELF. – YOU healed of your illness, YOU developed with the skills and characteristics required to successfully handle this new experience, YOU more conscious and powerful in your relationship, YOU living as your future self and life.
  • If you’d like more detailed support with this please email me

Why would someone want  to engage in one of these circles?

Simply put participating in a ceremony will support YOU to change, have, create, get something you want.

And this can be anything at all.

Perhaps you want to move to a new location, but dont have a job or the money?

Or maybe you are going for a promotion at work.

Need a new car

Want to change a behavior pattern that you’ve been ingrained in

Want to experience more growth and development

Or even want to heal something.

Connect more deeply to your guides or source

So really anything at all is possible within these ceremonies.


3 thoughts on “Conscious Creation Circle Manifestation Support

  1. I don’t think I’ll be able to do my meditation at 8p.m. tonight, it will be closer to 10p.m. Brisbane time, does that matter? Also how often should we do these meditations, every day? once a wee?

  2. I am very interested in joining this. Unfortunatly funds are too short at this time. I noticed it said ‘monthly’ so Im wondering if you could pm me when you will have one for February or March? Thank You Rhia. Also Im wondering where to start as all of the subjects listed are things I need 🙂 Namaste

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