Ethereal upgrade and conscious rebirth

So its been quite a journey to bring this current upgrade through for us all.

Ive been working with this for around 3 months now and when something takes time like this I know its big. Occasionally upgrades require me to firstly bring into awareness the concept, then time to fully fathom all aspects of it on a mental and heart level, then assimilate all of the energies before fully bringing it through.

It has been the case with this ethereal upgrade and conscious rebirth. Ive put hours of work into this and allowed integration time to ensure it was fully right before sharing.

Whats interesting with this one is that I also embraced another soul fragment before fully birthing and offering this as sessions. That part was very intense as I did this spontaneously and while I was conscious! I now also have direct personal experience with how the soul fragments work on all the dimensions, including how they rejoin. Im talking about ‘soul level’ soul fragments. Most of the time this is done in a past life regression or through theta healing but I was fully conscious of this process on all the levels, very different. This is not the high priestess experience I posted about a few weeks ago this is something different! Yes I know Im evolving at a rate of knots! (Ask me more if this resonates with you as I am offering sessions on this also).LightCCC

What is even more amazing is that there are times in my childhood where I have awareness of these upgrades. Almost like awakening points in my timeline where Ive merged with now.  Of course all part of my soul plan.  There was even some very strange occurrences when I was in my mothers womb, me being in there when there was no way she could of been pregnant, and then suddenly she is pregnant ( and very big ) prompting Dr’s to think she was having twins and another time, when she had recurring precognitive dreams that saved all of our lives while I was still in her womb.

So again its incredible and I really want to share this upgrade with all of you. ( Scroll to the bottom to read what people have said about their sessions )

How do these sessions work?

These are individual sessions, where I support your upgrade, energetically and ethereally. (This is not light body activation this is totally different) Once your session is fully booked and the time set I will send you an audio as well as instructions. The audio is for you to listen to during the session and your’s to keep to revisit anytime you feel guided in the future. Because of this upgrades timeless nature you will benefit from listening again and again.

Actually I like to listen to mine occasionally while I sleep so I deeply embody as many layers as possible.

I recommend allowing yourself time to rest and sleep after your session, so Im offering evening sessions as well. Actually getting ready for bed, listening to your audio during the session then falling asleep is  also excellent.

So I am connected with you from the infinite source of unconditional love during the session, and supporting  you through the upgrading process.

This focusses on the ethereal level, bridging a deeper and clear connection between you now here on earth to the infinite source of unconditional love. Opening to a clearer connection with your soul self. There is also a revitalisation of the physical body through the rebirthing process into a more awakened you.

images (4) copy 2

I also want to say that this is quite a high level upgrade so I recommend only having this if you really want to awaken more. So feel your heart and if it resonates then Yay! Jump in and if this is calling to you, you can be sure you and I have what I call awakening agreements in our soul contracts. I do also offer awakening sessions too.

So the exchange for this ethereal upgrade is $100 as with most sessions. But because this is NEW and I really want you to experience this I’m offering an introductory special of $60!

So enter your details below to book your session today.

Read here what some people have said about their sessions.

” You know when you’ve had a big change in your life and you wake up excited and kind of nervous the next morning? That’s what Ive had every day since my ethereal upgrade and rebirth session. My body feels more fluid and lighter and I feel much more “connected” and present. Ive also felt more love and definitely joy and I kind of feel like its more clean all around me. I recommend having one of these for sure.” 

 ” I woke up just buzzing and joyous, so full of love. My body feel different, I feel lighter.. brighter.. and can see a pink, violet, silver mixed light sheath. “

” I listened to the audio about 30 mins ago as I fell asleep last night It was so amazing Rhia! I could see it all happening beautifully I felt so much love around me and connected with myself in a whole new way lots of tears releasing the old x It was the most beautiful experience 🎆😇 Thank you so much for being you! You are the most beautiful soul I am so grateful for your guidance through this journey I am eternally grateful Thank you “

” I have had quite a few activations with Rhia, but the ethereal upgrade is definitely the best of all. The personalised audio of the activation literally helped my soul ‘see’ everything from the beginning of my soul’s journey. The vibrations anchored in this process are pure, gentle and yet potent. I could feel some changes in my body frame but all were very gently secured. Almost 12 hours after my session I can still feel the original soul energy which Rhia helps to actor into the “NOW”… to me its anchoring my own higher/ highest soul vibration into this experience on earth to assist and support me to rise above the veils of illusion and 3d programs. Its just incredible… lots of love and gratitude Rhia for being you xxoxx. “

Hearing my name in the recording was very powerful. Made me take alerted attention. What I recall right now! The life threads all fanned out having golden light from source electrify along each thread. Brighter and stronger.  All the threads them joining as one super bright super sparkly. 
I felt behind my sternum vast space and warmth. 
Near the end a solid tug behind my belly button that actually made my body move. The left side of my body feeling tingles and the left side of my face too.
Then tingles running up and down my right leg. My whole body is humming. 
Lol I want to jump in and do it again so I can recall more.
Intense!!! ooh when you talked of being a baby I actualy felt pregnant!! through out the whole experience the sensations of everything were so vivid. well done Rhia that was awesome.
Thank you” 

Thank you so much for being here on this journey as we all awaken in our unique ways.

Sending you bright love ❤


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