Fees and Packages

I am now offering pricing in packages to better reflect the range and quality of services I offer and to provide an opportunity for my clients to purchase services in bulk at consistently discounted rates.

Cancellations – Please note appointments for sessions that are cancelled within 12 hours will incur the full fee. ( exceptional circumstances considered )

Package options..

Freestyle Package

Decide how much you want to spend and over what period of time:

4 weeks 5 weeks 6 weeks 7 weeks 8 weeks
$150 $134 $136 $138 $140 $142
$175 $156 $158 $160 $162 $164
$200 $176 $178 $180 $182 $184
$225 $196 $198 $200 $202 $204
$250 $215 $217 $220 $223 $225
$275 $234 $236 $239 $242 $245
$300 $252 $255 $258 $261 $264

For example “George wants to start attending meditation classes weekly to help with his high blood pressure. He works long hours and really needs more balance in his life. But is going away over the Christmas period and wont be back until 15th of January. He is also interested in doing some Voice Dialogue sessions to balance out some stress, work life balance issues. He see’s this amazing offer and wants to purchase the 5 week option and pays $178 up front. He then has $200 worth of Value Credit to spend within the 5 weeks. The awesome thing about this offer is that George can pay his $178 before the 20th of Dec, have the $200 credit allocated to his account – then book in for his meditation classes and sessions after the 15th of January when he returns from his vacation. So the 5 weeks would begin after his first class in January…

Another example is “Sally decides she is wanting regular weekly sessions to help heal and change some things in her life. She lives in another state so distance sessions via Skype work best for her. Sally pays $255 for the 5 week option and receives $300 worth of value credit. Then each time Sally has a session the value of the session is deducted from her $300 credit.

One off Sessions

Sessions $100 for 1 hour

Payment can be made by electronic funds transfer into the following bank account with your name in the description.

BSB:          923 100

ACC:         7968 7025


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