Homework Series

Welcome to the homework and resource page. To offer more support for you Ive decided to create a treasure trove of video’s, images and methods that you can access easily for guidance, recap or insight along your journey. Whatever that may be!

This is the latest upload of the Witness series running of a Friday morning class.

These images are of 1 way we can map the 3D ego matrix programs. In this instance we are looking at the ego program of winning and loosing.

We are utilising the mapping method of layering. This is especially good when we hit a stasis or are experiencing the program in a very complex way. To put this another way , when the veils come across more strongly and we “fall asleep” or loose awareness from the witness and fully run in the program/ pattern/ or self again.

Another positive reason we might map the program/ pattern/ self or experience in this layering way is to build and expand the awareness of the aware ego/ witness and to build awareness of the interface/separation of the program from the aware ego/ witness.

Ive included several different names in this example because there is often different language that can mean the same thing.


So you can see here in this image the layers of the program.

– Rational, mental, or analytical.

– Emotional

– Physical

– Energy/ vibration/ frequency

– Consequences

– Interlinked/ external

– Senses

veils of illusion

Here we looked at the veils of illusion and how they link with each layer of the program.

We identified that becoming distracted ( a part of the veil )  was linked with the first layer of the mental/ rational/ analytical and so on as you can see on the white board in the image.

Here is the first blog in this series. I will upload the next one as soon as its written.

Video Series 1 – Writing in Selves 

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Personality Map

Experience bubble

28 Primary Selves

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One thought on “Homework Series

  1. This looks to be very helpful. one thing, how do I begin to identify shadow selves and other selves so I can really do this as deeply as possible

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