Indigo and Crystal Children


Is your child sensitive, intuitive or gifted?

Find out more with this simple questionnaire.

a) extremely temperamental                           b) happy and even- tempered

a) rebellious                                                    b) empathic with others

a) technologically orientated                           b) artistically gifted

a) easily bored or irritated                               b) patient and loving

a) Sometimes antisocial                                  b) nurturing to other children

a) trailblazer                                                    b) peaceful

a) verbal about expressing his or her needs    b) late to begin speaking

* If your answers were mostly (a), you probably have an Indigo child.

* If your answers were mostly (b), you probably have a crystal child.

All Children, in particular Indigo and Crystal children need to be astutely nurtured and supported by their parents or carers, but the way to do that may differ from child to child. This support needs to extend to the energetic, physical and practical levels of the child’s life. The following suggestions can be taken at your discretion and an Indigo child who has had a traumatic or significant negative experience may benefit from some of the Crystal’s advice or vice versa. See what works best for you and your child and situation.

One of the most important things a parent of these sensitive children can do is work on becoming more conscious. Educating themselves on how the mind/ body/ energy system operates and how this influences our relationships and connections with others.

Indigo’s are determined and strong willed, and parents need to respect their position and opinions without expecting them to take on adult responsibilities. This might mean allowing them a certain degree of autonomy and decision-making, such as giving them two choices; Do you want to wear the yellow dress or the blue dress today? Or would you like to go to the park or the beach this weekend? This can allow them more freedom of choice and a sense that their feelings and opinions matter without burdening them with to many options at once. In addition, you must always be open and honest with them. Because being sensitive they will sense when being lied to or mislead. Building trust (as with all children) is crucial for Indigo’s grounding. Allowing them to express their often-extreme spectrum of feelings through a drawing out process is also important and directing them into art or some other form of self-exploration like meditation is very beneficial.

Crystal children are so open and empathetic; they may feel that it is their duty to heal other peoples pain. They can easily become sad or anxious when they are in the company of sad or anxious people who, deliberately or unknowingly, use them as a dumping ground for their negative feelings and energies. It is therefor, extremely important that their parents help them to understand that they cannot make everything right for everyone. As well as the importance of self protection on the energetic and emotional levels.  Parents also need to become more conscious of their  own mind/body/energy system and work on bringing themselves into balance as a crystal child will unconsciously “take on” any buried material that may be stored by the parent. Try to create a safe and secure haven for these crystal kids at home that is an energetically clear and conscious space. A place of understanding where they can replenish themselves and regain their emotional balance, particularly after attending the “rough energy” of school and child care.

Please feel free to contact me with regards to this topic. I will be putting together a “raising conscious kids” course in the very near future.

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