Kids Classes – All

Kids Monster expression Class

Ive been guided to create this expression class for kids as an avenue for kids to connect with and express themselves in a conscious and supportive environment. The format is a gentle guided body scan to assist kids with becoming present and grounded in the now. Then they are guided within, to meet their inner monster.

1484973_269285149887061_1521410963_nThese inner monsters are as individual as the kids themselves and are brought through to the external world, through a series of art expression methods. These include clay modeling, drawing their monsters with pastels and then some play acting where the kids are given the opportunity to act like their monsters, expressing all of the buried, and suppressed silly, yucky, dirty, noisy sounds and growls that are always frowned upon in normal social environments.  These expression methods allow kids to clear out any stresses and buried emotions they may be holding onto to. All this in a safe and conscious environment.

20131216_102624#1Each child is able to take home their clay model, artwork and a CD audio of the process is also available for purchase so they can do this activity at home.

When:        Thursday 10th of April
Cost:          $20 per class

Where:      The relaxation center Brisbane Ph 3356 0439


Kids Meditation & Art expression Classes 

Kids meditationThis class is designed especially for parents and their kids to relax together, deepen their bond and feel good in a supportive and relaxed environment. It positively affects the kids health, well being and confidence.

This Meditation & Art expression class assists children de-stress, express and relax, assisting in development of their concentration and focus.

Meditation is particularly good as children today are under a tremendous amount of stress from school, their environment, peer competition and expectations from the media. Parents are welcome to attend this course with their children.

The meditation part of the class runs for around 45 mins and is followed by a short 15 mins art session where kids draw and express their experience. Beginners Welcome! See the ‘forkids’ page for more information.

When:        To be confirmed
Cost:          $20 per class

Where:      The Relaxation Centre

15 Southpine Rd Alderley. Phone the Relaxation Centre on 07 3856 3733 to book

IMG_0175All materials are provided.


11 thoughts on “Kids Classes – All

  1. Hi, this sounds awesome! I live in new zealand, is that a problem? My daughter is 12 & think she can benefit greatly from this. Lisa bellamy

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  3. Both of these two activities sounds fantastic. I teach kids yoga and relaxation classes for kids and would really love to do something like this where I live in regional Victoria 🙂

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