Kids Vision Board Workshop Summer School Holidays

This workshop can be attended in person or via skype for out of towners!

Vision Board Workshop for Kids Summer School Holidays

A very useful tool for any child to learn is how to map and create a Vision Board. If all Children were taught the principals of the Law of Attraction and how the mind actually works the world would be a much brighter and happier place. Filled with very conscious, successful people.

A vision Board is a large piece of cardboard where kids can map out the improvements and experiences they wish to achieve.

The theme for this workshop is “What do I want to happen in my life in 2013?”

In the workshop kids will learn how to and then write/ plan/ map out in full all their dreams, desires and aspirations for the year. For instance, if your child wants to go to China for a holiday, then we would cut out a variety of photos of China with photos of your child and family pasted onto them. As well as add words, dates and other specific guidelines.

Any goals, experiences, achievements or desires can go onto the kids vision boards. A new bike, winning the grand final, making it into the dance team, improving grades, making new friends, anything at all they’d like to have happen in 2013.

We will use pictures cut out from magazines, coupled with photos of the kids, colours, words, dates, descriptions, etc..

This helps greatly to focus the mind on the goal they wish to experience. The mind loves images. It retains them and works on them continually, even while sleeping.

Visioning with external pictures and detailed descriptions is an excellent way of focusing the mind on what it is we want. The mind is the tool that brings us everything. Having the Vision board in a prominent position like the bedroom keeps us on track as we look at it each morning upon waking and each night before going to bed. So book your child in now. You will be glad you do. This is an awesome experience for any child!

Please note that some research and prior homework is required to gather and identify each child’s goals for the year and you will be sent this homework via email.

Once the booking is confirmed you will receive regular emails in the lead up to the workshop with more instructions. These will include how to speak to each child about identifying their goals, drawing out techniques, the best kinds of images and information to gather and where. Plus the added option of emailing through with any questions or queries.

Book early to secure your place in the Summer School Holidays Kids Vision Board Workshop.

As an added Bonus if you Book NOW you also receive a Kids Meditation CD & Guardian Angel Dream Pillow pack. This offer is available from now until the (20th of December. Hurry Places Limited!

When:     Vision Board making Date Tuesday 15th January 2013

Time:       11.30am to 1pm

Costs:      $40 for attendance in person or $25 for Skype session

Onsite numbers in Brisbane are limited so to secure your child’s place please email

Book Now

Payment can be made by electronic funds transfer into the following bank account with your name in the description.

BSB:          923 100

ACC:         7968 7025


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