Life Purpose Activation and Conscious Creation Special

Now is the time for each and every soul on this planet to step up and live their Life Purpose. Its so important for our planet and for everyone on it. I really feel passionate about spreading this imperative action to as many souls as I can and want to encourage you to confidently step into your LIfe Purpose. Even if you feel anxious or have barriers in your path.

Golden 1One exciting thing about all of this is that I am now able to support all of YOU even more with this process and have been guided to encourage YOU to step into a Life Purpose Activation session asap so you can move in alignment with the Divine universal flow. And really step up into your Life Purpose and do your bit for the planet, and the universe. Now really is the time for this as souls across the planet begin to wake up and remember why they are here.

Life Purpose Activation Sessions are priced at a very affordable $100 and if you book and have a session between now and December 20th you’ll receive a bonus place in the Conscious Creation Circle for only $30. This is an amazing offer!

What happens during a LPA Session?

As the sessions are done via distance and It is not necessary for you to set aside a time to for this, however most people wish to be conscious and open, to experience the activation fully.

If you feel this resonating with you take ACTION. There is no mistake here! To make this opportunity even more special – you will receive a place in the December – Conscious Creation Circle – for half price!

These CCCC’s are designed to empower and support members to consciously connect with the Divine universal flow to create a positive difference for themselves, their families and beyond.

How will you benefit from participating in a Conscious Creation Circle?

1.  These monthly circles give you the opportunity to deeply connect in with the divine flow, powerfully attuning you, your resonance and your mind/ body/energetic system with the things you desire. To combine this within the same month as an LPA is just phenomenal! And you can be sure that you will be propelled forward towards what is exactly right for you.

2.   As well as giving your system an evolutionary upgrade as you are engulfed with this potent super conscious life force directed to you through my channel.

3.  Each session will support you to completely attune with the manifestations you wish to create and/ or bring to the surface any patterns you have that are misaligned so you can process or clear them easily before moving forward.

4.  The circle will also support you to integrate these energies flowing in with your conscious intent.

5.  During the ceremony you will also receive an activation, divine healing as well as a clearing of any incongruent energies within your system. I will also further support your manifestation into reality with ‘ protected space ’ from my healing temple located in source.


I have known Rhia Valentine for the past year, but have really gotten to personally know her work in the last four months. I have thought for a long time about how I was going to explain to you the amazing work that Rhia has done with the Life Purpose Activation. It really is hard to describe! It is like trying to explain to a blind person the colour orange. What I can tell you is this, Rhia is one healer who stands strong in her truth, she has integrity and you know this from the first time you meet her and work with her. Rhia send me the Crystal grid, when I saw it – I KNEW it was for me, the moment that I laid eyes on it. Rhia sent me the notes afterwards and I also knew from reading it that it was spot on, I FELT it. Rhia is so comprehensive when she does these activation’s she gives so much of herself, she really is so generous. Rhia provided me with a song that was channeled especially for my soul and when I heard it I felt it through every cell in my body. It felt like my cells were bursting like tiny bubbles. I am excited for the whole process to fully integrate into my body and for me to live my life fully in my purpose. Rhia is also doing a conscious creation circle which I am very blessed to be part of, my experiences are pretty similar to the LPA, I promise you if you are wondering if this is something you should do? YES! it is that simple! I am really blessed to be a part of this with Rhia, and I know if you work with her you will be too. Rebecca.


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