Light body activation and Love Light body evolution sessions

Standard Light Body –

Light Body

Advanced Light Body –


Love light body –



Advanced Light body .

I want to share some really exciting news with YOU! Plus invite you to step into this amazing opportunity.

Recently I was gifted with a NEW advanced Light Body Activation and retrieval technique. It is a sophisticated procedure for those people who are ready. Specifically those who have experienced a Life Purpose Activation or Light Body Activation session.

During this NEW procedure I support and guide you to retrieve your light body from your past lives. Including any giftings, abilities and wisdoms and codes, etc from those life times.

This is very exciting and an indication of the level of mastership and ascension many of us are achieving. With people who have had these already experiencing rapid and incredible shifting’s and results.

The session can either be done in person, online or via distance, so the choice is yours. As this is a new procedure I am offering a $20 voucher that can be used when purchasing this Advanced Light Body Retrieval. The fee for this is procedure $190.00

To book your session please send a private exclusive message with your preferred method – in person, online or via distance.

Please note – must have had either a Light body activation or a Life Purpose activation session to qualify.

If you would to have the first stage LIGHT BODY ACTIVATION or wish to learn more about the light body please click on the link below.

Im excited and inspired to be journeying with you.
My Best! Rhia


LOVE Light body Activation.


I am writing this testimonial with great pride and immense pleasure for the love light activation performed by Rhia . I had love light body activation about 4 days ago and wow my life is just so different….Although the activation was done at distance, I could feel all my chakras expanding and my heart connecting to my higher heart-becoming one and in alignment with the cosmic heart. I literary came out of meditation laughing…I felt best ever!! During the mediation I could feel Rhia’s determination and courage.. This was all before I received my audio. After listening to the audio my first reaction was “WOW how did this little girl manage all this power” I know audios as very individual and mine was really LOUD- May be they thought they had to really scream at me to make me… Jokes apart- the audio is so very soothing & resonates with every aspect of my being just perfectly.
Soon after activation I started releasing so many strong bonds, which were no longer in alignment with my soul purpose. All this with grace and love in a way which was immediate but not abrasive…pain was felt but very temporary and replaced by unconditional love immediately…JOY GRATITUDE has just become my natural way of being!! I keep hearing the words “I love you I love you I love you” inside me, around me all the time and I am freely saying it to others around me too – and response to this is wonderful. People look at me with surprise initially then when they can see the genuineness in my eyes- there is a spark in their eyes too and reply “I luv u too”- in reality it is not only to me- it is them telling themselves YES they are worth LOVE :)
I am sharing this story not only to testify Rhia but to INVITE all of you who feel the call to get this activation….There are many many levels of light body one can activate and many dimensions one can rise…at the moment we are blessed with many light begins to help us rise to our potential. But not all can activate LOVE light body. IT IS PURE AND UNCONDITIONAL….Rhia does it with so much ease and grace. She is there to support you through out and has that inner strength and courage of the soul to help you rise through all and any of the accumulated karmas/debris/anything!!
I am sincerely grateful to the universe for connecting me with Rhia and immensely thankful to Rhia who is a friend, a guide, a mentor, a mother and more all at one time. Looking forward to continue my journey….xxoxx



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