Meditation CD’s for Kids

Meditation for KIDS on Audio mp3 or CD!

Why is Meditation so good for kids?

It positively affects their health, well-being and confidence. This guided Meditation expression CD creates the ultimate mind, emotions and body connect while helping children de-stress, express and relax. These sessions take children on an easy to follow guided inner journey, helping them become present and in their body’s, developing their concentration and focus.

Kids will become aware of their emotions and feelings and are guided through a worry or concern release. This aspect of the meditation is particularly good as children today are under a tremendous amount of stress from school, their environment, peer competition and expectations from the media.

”Stress affects the way children learn and interact with their surroundings” Due to the fast paced nature of our busy lifestyles, children rarely have the opportunity to process and release this build up of stress, rushing, pressure, and day-to-day busyness.

Here it is done in your own home, gently in a supportive, safe and nurturing, environment. The children are taken on an imaginary journey and introduced to their very own Guardian Angel. Guardian Angel Dream pillows are also available and make a lovely addition to any child’s bed time routine. They come with a pocket so children may place pictures or treasures within. Excellent tool for poor sleepers or kids who experience bad dreams.


Here are a few quotes from the kids about their experience of this Meditation… (names and ages withheld for privacy)

Also see our facebook page for more comments from parents and kids!

Boy – I liked the Guardian Angel on the star, it was blue and had a white dress on I liked imagining the colours – yellow was my favorite.

Girl – I liked the worry release, giving it to my Angel made me feel really good. It was fun, and the colours – there were lots of rainbows and Guardian Angel felt nice.

Girl – It was funny and I giggled a lot. My favorite colour was violet and I liked meeting my Guardian Angel. She was blue, had purple hair and was skinny.

Boy – Meditation feels good because you’re calm and you move your concentration around your body. My Guardian Angel is bright with flames, especially the hair, he is strong and has big wings. They looked like a red sunset colour. My favorite colour was red. My Guardian Angel dream pillow has stars and makes me feel good going to sleep.



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