Meditation Classes Brisbane

This Meditation Class assists you to consciously explore your inner universe, to become aware of the unused potentials of your mind, access altered states of consciousness, awaken more intuition and unlock feelings of pleasure, bliss and a profound inner peace and more.

Some benefits of this class are increased energy, more restful sleep, a happier disposition, easy relaxation and less stress creation, and a better memory.

A Brilliant Opportunity to Learn about Meditation and deeply connect with the self!

Meditation Space

This is an easy to follow, guided meditation that is rejuvenating, nurturing and restorative.

The meditation session runs for around 45mins and is followed by a wonderful energetic healing practice. There is discussion time after each class for anyone who wishes to share. Beginners welcome! (see what class members say about their experience) Men are encouraged to attend!

Thursday Evening Meditation Classes – Brisbane

When:        Every Thursday 7pm
Cost:          $15 per class
Bookings:  or  Ph 0450 520 438

Advanced Meditation Class Monday’s – Brisbane

This will be a fantastic class, filled with practical steps, different methods and processes and I know you will be inspired, informed and excited at what you will learn, and be able to apply it immediately!This purposely-designed Advanced Meditation & Development class is especially for those seeking to learn more about consciousness and spirituality. People who are seeking a supportive class environment with an experienced and grounded teacher. So they can develop and connect within themselves as well as expand their abilities.Come along and learn to create balance within the mind, energies and body. Each class runs weekly on a Monday evening and is expertly facilitated by Rhia (Me) and involves Advanced meditation techniques, Chakra balancing and development. Awakening and management of kundalini energy. How to manage energy, about boundaries/ shields and how to implement them in your life. Connection with the higher self, light body activation and soul braiding. Different methods for development of consciousness and vibration and much more…

Participants are also guided through an uplifting sequence of self-affirming visualizations, affirmations and manifestations to assist with conscious creation of their lives! This is a very incredible point of difference of this class…

I have been a teacher of consciousness and development for over 10 years! Here is a short note from a current class member;

“Thanks again for a great class last night. As discussed, I love that you keep pushing yourself, and us, to bigger and better levels so keep it coming!”

You’ll be very happy you came and I’m sure you will really enjoy yourself and the amazing feeling that comes along with expansion and growth. Im sure you will be exposed to new information, knowledge and skills that is not available in any other class!

Where:      Indooroopilly – Brisbane
When:       Every Monday night from 7pm
Cost:         $20 per person

or Ph 0450 520 438

I hope to see you there

(Class members may wish to participate online in these meditation classes via skype videolink) – Not available for the Advanced Meditation & Development Class

Online Option… The convenience of being able to attend a quality meditation from the comfort of your own home, knowing the kids are secure in the next room is a real advantage of this class. Online class participants report how great it is to be able to come home from work, arrange the house, settle the kids and then be able to have some high quality me time without the need of babysitters, rushing to get out of the house on time or driving at night. Click here for more…

Here is a short you tube clip of me talking about my intro to meditation workshop 🙂


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