Meditation Morning – Brisbane

Would You Like to Learn more about Meditation?

Meditation Morning

           And so Awaken Your Natural Power – Deeply Connecting within yourself.

Meditation is the one essential practice for every human being. It can bring you undreamed of benefits. When you meditate correctly, you unblock a natural healing and evolutionary power that has been suppressed due to your upbringing and conditioning, causing a limitation to your self expression, talents, abilities, spontaneity and creativity.

Group MeditationThis release leads you to the recognition of your natural state. As the full flow of life’s energies awaken within you, you enjoy a deeper and more pleasurable experience of living.

Fulfillment, love, and the awakening of all the higher faculties that are at presently dormant inside you, naturally occur, as you establish yourself in your deepest nature.

Meditation is the most ancient proven art-science of human culture. It has been practiced, and has worked, for millions of people for thousands of years, in all cultures. Now you can join them.

What are the benefits of Meditation for you?

Meditation assists you to consciously explore your inner universe, to become aware of the unused potentials of your mind, access altered states of consciousness, awaken more intuition and unlock feelings of pleasure, bliss and a profound inner peace.

The traditional goals of meditation have always included increased energy, more restful sleep, a happier disposition, easy relaxation and less stress creation, and a better memory.

meditation fingersPlease join us for this 3 hour meditation retreat on Sunday the 21st of July. This Meditation Morning is for those who want to learn about Meditation or are wanting to take their practice to a deeper level.
 The morning will begin with a chanting session to really get the energy moving and the heart center open – for those who have never chanted before it really is an amazing experience and Im sure you find it joyful and uplifting  The meditation format will be a guided body scan to ground and then a guided meditation. Bringing us strongly and firmly into the present and now. Taking more time to “sit” in this deep presence state will enhance our consciousness and awaken more energy and life force into our system. Creating more balance and spaciousness. It will be a casual experience with a warm and friendly group pf people. Meditation will run for 2.5 hours followed by discussion time afterwards where participants can share their experiences. 
(Beginners welcome)

When:  End of August (date to be set)

( please arrive 10 mins early)

Where:  Indooroopilly
 – 120 Payne Rd Indooroopilly

Cost:     $40 per person ($30 concession)

(Bring a small plate of food to share, and a warm jacket too)

Booking: or email

Ph 0450 520 438

Meditation Cushions – will also be available for purchase on the day!

Filled with Buckwheat a natural fiber that firmly holds position – designed for sitting in the perfect meditation position these natural meditation cushions are a must for any meditator.

They are available in Medium  $80 &  Large  $90 and come in a range of colours.

Meditation Cushion


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