monthly Lift circle

Its time to LIFT

Love Lift ~ Light Body Activation ~ Self Love ~ Twin Flame

This is an extra special 2 part Lift circle, comprising to separate guided activations.

The first a self love light body activation and the second a twin flame light body activation and healing.

These lift sessions are designed to support you to awaken and lift in a supported and guided way. In an empowering way, in an expanding way for YOU.

You’ll receive files including guided audio’s, processes to learn and awaken, images as well as a gentle awakening, a healing, rejuvenation and a Lift. Harmonising and balancing your system, aligning with your soul and your ascension pathway.

images stair case.All done in the most loving way.

Circle numbers are set at 10 people and only $24.95 per person, which is incredible value. If you feel this resonates with you enter your details below to book your place.

 Have a read of the latest articles supporting these love lift sessions…



★ The Lift activation was so lovely & gentle it literally lifted me into a higher frequency of love and vibrant clarity. I absolutely loved it!! Highly recommend it!!

★ I love love loved it! I feel soooo good, have so much energy and when I listened to the light language toning, the one by its self OMG the inside of my body felt like it was on a suspension bridge, swaying from side to side. Definitely felt that.

★ Wow what an incredible lift! Im feeling really rejuvenated, lighter and clearer. Thank you!

If you know someone who could really do with a lift and some healing please share this opportunity with them.

Circles run monthly with the next set for Saturday the 18th of March @ Brisbane time

Remember these are done energetically via distance and it really is a very straightforward process. You’ll receive files in the form of video’s or audios to follow during the process.  Set your intention to receive this Lift in alignment with your highest good and be open to receive.  This is not essential and its totally fine to be going about your day as normal too. As you’ll have the files and can listen to and experience them anytime you like.

I look forward to sharing this incredible evolutionary experience with you. Lets lift together!

My Best! Bright Love Rhia

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