The Creation Game


The intention of this game is to a) have fun and b) experience creation in a conscious way.

If you choose to play this is how it works.

See the 5 colour cards in the image?

What you do is consciously select one of those colours.

Then “create” me selecting your chosen colour when its your turn.

So for each person who plays. I will flip the cards over so they are face down and mix then up. Then when I think about you/ your name I will randomly, with my eyes closed, select one card for you.

The idea is that you “create” me choosing the colour card you have selected.

I 100% know we can create anything! Ive done it many times…. So it makes sense the more conscious we are of creating the better. Right?

Step. 1 ~ Choose your colour
Step. 2 ~ Let me know you want to play, either by commenting or joining in this Fb group. KEEP YOUR COLOUR TO YOURSELF!!!
Step. 3 ~ Sunday the 27th pm I will do the actual drawing of the cards, so you have plenty of time to create the outcome you desire.


Remember this is a GAME and is about having fun 
If you think someone you know may also like to join in please invite them to join. (Keep in mind this is the first go at this game so we may need to do some fine tuning as we go along)

Also I have created this game completely myself so appreciate that you honour this and do not copy in any way.

Thanks everyone Love Rhia


Conscious Creation Circle for Embracing and Ascension…



By embracing what is currently in our realities we are more easily able to create what we really want. In this way, we are owning how we have created these things, as well as integrating them positivley.

In addition as we consciously create and ascend in this way there is no need to polarise, or fight things we dislike and wish to change. The lower vibrational energies of polarisation, conflict, judgment, etc often sabotage our efforts and sometimes can lock the very things we are wanting to resolve and move forward from into place.

In this circle I will guide you in a very conscious and loving way, exactly how to embrace what is in your present reality, to own it, resolve and heal form it. Then we will consciously create what it is you do want to expereince.

Anything is possible! Click through to the website for more.

There is an exchange of $40 which you will recieve guided processes and additional guidance in the form of mp3’s, images and other “tools” as guided. 

On this Sunday @1pm!! Brisbane time.

I look forward to consciosly creating with you. ♥ ♥

Join in this DREAM thread & be initiated into some of the very deepest waters of the unconscious.


Please join us in this Dream share.

DreamsIn this FB group we have an open thread for sharing the dreams we have this weekend and coming week.

As we pay attention to and activate our dream world the intelligence of the unconscious begins to manifest in an ever more powerful way, and we find that the dream process itself becomes the teacher, guide and healer.

Join in and watch how the unconscious organizes itself with this higher intelligence of awakening.

See you there ❤ ❤

Conscious Creating to achieve real results

Are you unsure of what you want to create? Perhaps you have a voice in your head that tells you that its too late, too difficult, blah blah.

Or maybe you think you want something one day but change your mind the next? Then flip back and forth as you shift in and out of different aspects of your identity?

Conscious CreationOr you’ve had so many things go wrong trying to achieve a certain thing that you’ve basically resigned to yourself that its never going to happen?

These are all very common states of being to experience on this journey of awakening. I have plenty of times and know many others who have too.

The AMAZING news is that there is a perfect way through all of these.

Its very simple and has worked miraculously for me many many times. I still do it at times when my veils are strong and Im uncertain.

I’ll share it with you because I do really truly want you to create what you desire.

I want you to be inspired and motivated to try.

It is having YOU as the focus on anything that you are creating. Yes YOU.

YOU with the higher levels of consciousness so that you KNOW what you want. So that YOU are CLEAR about your next goal or experience.

YOU healthy and full of vitality so that you are able to fully experience your …..

Start filling in the blanks here folks. Because these things are a reality. Ive experienced it and have supported and guided loads of others too.

Here’s a few more.

YOU feeling so much self love that all of those insecurities and old patterns just melt away. And guess what? YOU like that attracts what kind of people? What kind of partner?

YOU with such a high vibration that your ascension just gracefully begins to weave into yourself and your life. Activating all of your abilities and gifts and you become your body of light.

YOU totally free of the old XYZ situation. Yes that one works too.

So join us for some conscious creation. YOU really can create anything YOU desire. If you are still unsure message me and I will personally guide you through it. 

I’ll be guiding each and every member with a beautiful mp3 audio for optimum creating . Plus will be LOVINGLY supporting LIVE at the time of the sessions. Click here to join NOW. 

I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Bright Love Rhia

Ohhhooo! Does that make you want to know more? It certainly changes the game. It sure did for me and it can for you

What is keeping you from creating the things you want?

Go on ask yourself? Allow your mind to go into that space?

What is it?

~ Your boss?

~ Your parents?

~ That really bad experience that keeps resurfacing?

What if all of those ‘reasons’ were illusions? Things that you’ve unconsciously created – kind of like you’re running on autopilot?

Do you catch yourself thinking to yourself things like?

Conscious Creation~ Its too late because of?

~ I cant do that because of?

What if those thoughts were part of unconscious programs running – like on autopilot!

Ohhhooo! Does that make you want to know more? It certainly changes the game. It sure did for me and it can for you.

In reality we can really create ANYTHING we desire. Would you like to make changes to yourself and life? Join in the Conscious Creation Circle and start creating whatever you desire.

Whatever you do. KNOW THIS. We are in the time of awakening. Its happening, so consciously grab hold and create a softer and more graceful awakening as we all ascend.

Bright Love Rhia ❤





What are YOU ‘Embracing’ today?

EmbracingIm embracing some pretty narky stuff at present, which itself is a challenge. Not to mention all the fear and old, fallen energies that arise as a result.
Embracing really is the only way to fully resolve anything… and having deep self love keeps me going. Even when its dark.
So I wanted to share and let you know to keep going. Whatever it is you are going through. Love yourself and gently and kindly embrace whatever it is.
Bright Love ❤