Personalized guided audio meditation for children

Personalized Guided audio meditation unique for your child!

Imagine a guided audio softly playing in your childs room at night, soothing your child gently as they fall asleep, engaging them with positive, and nurturing stories that have been expertly crafted to promote self love, self connection and any other experience you wish for them.


More than a general guided meditation these personalized guided audio’s engage the child because its about them! They hear their own names and other personal information about their lives that assists to assimilate the soft gentle suggestions weaved through the audio. The child is the center of attention in the audio, and made to feel very loved and special. Enhancing their development, gently encouraging lifestyle choices, healing and other subtle values as per the parents wishes.

Along with the guided audio, parents receive other positive suggestions and instructions based upon individual circumstances.

The whole process is simages (4)uper simple . Simply fill in the information form you receive once you place your order and include any additional information deemed necessary, pay the fee and then receive your files and package within 7 days of your order.

  • Every new audio is crafted with the child positioned as the main character, with the intention for their highest good.
  • The personalized guided audio’s are always 100% original, based on positive values, and the information provided by the parent/ carer.
  • The nurturing and loving messages are weaved into each personalized audio to engage each child, and encourage a strong sense of self.
  • The energy exchange for these is $79.95



Want to read more about what’s on offer for kids and families? Click here to see our latest blog…


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