Meditation for adults audio CD $20 plus postage

Meditation Mp3 download $15

“Rhia, i just did the meditation on the CD you sent me. I think that was the most beautiful experience of my life. As it came to an end I thought I don’t want to leave this place. Well it’s an hour later and I am still in Utopia. I cannot wait for the beautiful things to start happening in my life. Thank you SO MUCH!” – Valerie xx

Sun Catchers – Between $15 ad $25 each


Lavender Eye Pillows

100% Australian made natural flaxseed and dried lavender flowers eye pillows are now available for purchase. These lavender eye pillows come ready to use, made from soft silky purple fabric and fit snugly around facial curves.  Heal your mind and body and body naturally.

Lavender eye pillows

Some of the benefits of these gorgeous pillows are

  • Use as a meditation or healing aid.
  • Lavender is so good for relieving stress…Great for helping anyone fall asleep as is reduces nervous tension and leads to restful sleep.
  • Ease’s tired and aching eyes caused by late nights or long concentration. Place the lavender eye pillow over your eyes and let your body heat release a lavender perfume whilst you relax.
  • After a hectic day the relaxing scent of lavender will help you let go and calm down.

Directions of Use

Insert the lavender eye pillows in a plastic bag and place in the freezer for at least one hour. – This is beneficial for itchy, hay fever eyes or after swimming in a chlorinated pool.

Hot Microwave
Heat in a turntable microwave on high for time a short period of time. As a safety measure, always place a glass of water in microwave to reduce the risk of the eye pillow over heating and continuously check the temp by stopping every 20 seconds.
* based on a 1000 watts turntable microwave* (Heating will also enhance the lavender aroma)

Crystal Grid Mats

Available in a range of sizes and colours


Meditation Cushions

Filled with Buckwheat a natural fiber that firmly holds position – designed for sitting in the perfect meditation position these natural meditation cushions are a must for any meditator.

They are available in Medium  $80 &  Large  $90 and come in a range of colours.

To place an order please email with your name, phone number and deposit details.

Via Pay pal 


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