Soul Healing Audio

* New Soul Healing Audio – Introductory Offer!

This Guided Soul healing audio allows for deep self connection and pure healing in the comfort of the listeners own home. Running in length for around 15mins, this is a graceful and enjoyable way to heal and expand.

Soul Healing

Please read an experience from a recent listener.

“Firstly I’d like to say how honoured I feel to be able to experience Rhia’s Soul Healing recording through Divine intervention.

A magnificent way to start my days and no doubt for you to start your days as well!!!

The incredible relaxation and connection I experience immediately and growing deeper each time I listen to Soul Healing is absolutely refreshing, energising and strongly uplifting for my entire being. Energetically feeling the healing penetrate deeply through my mind area and soul core is enabling a deeper level of trust and knowing of everything that is already expanding and also that which I have stored within me, opening up and being revealed.

I find this recorded healing unique to anything I’ve experienced previously and am absolutely pleased to be able to utilise this Divine tool to assist my journey and further support glorious experiences and opportunities my persistent self work has enabled to be now manifested and presented to me in my life at this moment and for further moments in my near to distant future.

Thankyou Rhia. Blessings to you, your expansion and ever growing abilities serve life changing experiences and assistance to not only myself but everyone who has had the pleasure of working alongside you.

I highly recommend this as part of everyones self healing and expansion tools.
Namaste <3”
soul 1Cost: $20

Payment can be made by electronic funds transfer into the following bank account with your name in the description.

BSB:          923 100

ACC:         7968 7025

or send me an email and I will generate a paypal invoice for you.


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