piercing the veils of illusion


rainbow-moonAn incredible supermoon, the first in 70 years, is happening on Monday night. We’ll be doing something extra special and class will be extended to a full 2 hours with an incredible guided awakening process ~ piercing the veils of illusion. As well as light body activation & as always beautiful, soothing healing.

Class members who come in person will also receive something a little “extra” ❤ ❤

Monday 7pm to 9pm either in person from our Taringa studio or LIVE online. $20 per person.

Please let me know if you are planning on coming. Oh and if you do come and you have any black crystals bring them along too!

Sending LOVE Rhia ❤




Conscious Creating to achieve real results

Are you unsure of what you want to create? Perhaps you have a voice in your head that tells you that its too late, too difficult, blah blah.

Or maybe you think you want something one day but change your mind the next? Then flip back and forth as you shift in and out of different aspects of your identity?

Conscious CreationOr you’ve had so many things go wrong trying to achieve a certain thing that you’ve basically resigned to yourself that its never going to happen?

These are all very common states of being to experience on this journey of awakening. I have plenty of times and know many others who have too.

The AMAZING news is that there is a perfect way through all of these.

Its very simple and has worked miraculously for me many many times. I still do it at times when my veils are strong and Im uncertain.

I’ll share it with you because I do really truly want you to create what you desire.

I want you to be inspired and motivated to try.

It is having YOU as the focus on anything that you are creating. Yes YOU.

YOU with the higher levels of consciousness so that you KNOW what you want. So that YOU are CLEAR about your next goal or experience.

YOU healthy and full of vitality so that you are able to fully experience your …..

Start filling in the blanks here folks. Because these things are a reality. Ive experienced it and have supported and guided loads of others too.

Here’s a few more.

YOU feeling so much self love that all of those insecurities and old patterns just melt away. And guess what? YOU like that attracts what kind of people? What kind of partner?

YOU with such a high vibration that your ascension just gracefully begins to weave into yourself and your life. Activating all of your abilities and gifts and you become your body of light.

YOU totally free of the old XYZ situation. Yes that one works too.

So join us for some conscious creation. YOU really can create anything YOU desire. If you are still unsure message me and I will personally guide you through it. 

I’ll be guiding each and every member with a beautiful mp3 audio for optimum creating . Plus will be LOVINGLY supporting LIVE at the time of the sessions. Click here to join NOW. 

I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Bright Love Rhia

Self Love Light Body Activation ♡


Did you know that self love is a key? It permeates through the veils of illusion and builds a bridge through our systems supporting ascension. Plus loads more!

Pink lightIt also plays an important role in the light body. Or ethereal body which is an aspect of our soul or higher self.

Rising frequency / vibration, expansion of consciousness, embodying more love light, healing, and higher heart intelligence are all things that occur as we activate our light bodies.

ON Saturday the 30th of May Im running an extra special Self Love Light Body Activation circle and you are warmly invited.

Its really time to lift. To embrace these veils of illusion, to resolve our programs and to rise gracefully with self love into our bodies of light.

Click through to the blog for more…

Light body sparkles and other heavy, dark stuff!

Sparkles – like the kind you see on Edwards skin when Bella sees him in the sunlight for the very firs time in the movie twilight.

But really superduper bright sparkles. Imagine a body of pure light, then see these super incredibly bright sparkles – shinning and twinkling in there too.

So this is what Im experiencing in my body at the moment. The really bright sparkles within my body of pure light are infinite love from the source of unconditional love which we all truly are.

Have you experienced anything like this before?

So I thought I’d begin with the sparkly bit because there is some HEAVYNESS & Darkness in this story. Ive been working on a limitation pattern for a while now – maybe 2 and a bit weeks, embracing it, exploring how it works, what its connected to in my life, the energies of it, and everything that goes with resolving these ego programs or veils as I sometimes call them.

Now this particular pattern was extremely heavy. I mean super heavy, like I could of just slept all the time and still been tired and heavy. At times even trying to observe it caused me to literally become sleepy. I’d find myself becoming distracted and really have to stay with it to move through the different layers.

There was also the myriads of distractions and the compensating strategies that I had developed to ‘survive’. These are also parts of the veil, distorting my awareness and preventing me from really getting into the deeper layers of what was happening.

There were the emotions too, and you guessed it, all heavy ones stored in various areas of my system. And some of you are aware that Ive had a very ‘colorful’ and full life of experiences!

I have worked on this specific pattern in the past and cleared it to some degree but this most recent time I really went deep, just allowing all of it to express and rise to the surface. Even when there was fear and other limiting thoughts.

And then I LOVED it. The whole experience, all of the energies, emotions, memories and things that have occurred as a result. The whole thing. Of course there is much more to processing through a pattern like this and resolving it but Im only going to share a bit of here. A main point though is that I created all of it!

Me hanging from loveThen came the physical release from my body. The aching joints, muscles and general pain that emerged as the vibration/ energies/ emotions from this pattern was released. I mean ouch! Its amazing what we can store in our beautiful bodies and aura’s and Im so grateful this has now resolved. There are still some symptoms of integration especially as I consciously choose and connect with the pure light and love of my soul.

I thought you’d like to see a cool picture of me reaching for more love!

Im sure I will continue to upgrade as I keep awakening and embracing all of ME. Oh yes Im sure there is still more heaviness and darkness in here too. Actually Im positive there is because I am aware of so many ego veils still in play. As I keep raising my vibration, embodying more of my pure soul light and the infinite unconditional love that I created myself from I will continue to awaken. I mean real awakening here if you know what I mean…

Now I did spend quite a few hours on this, and it has been a very big clearing, Im still observing things in the external world shifting and transforming – which is exciting and gives me encouragement to keep going. And experiencing the pure love sparkles in my body is just divine. Ive had light body experiences before where I fully exploded with pure light – but the LOVE the infinite powerful, pure LOVE is deeply connecting on a whole new level.

Im sharing this with you with hope that it offers some encouragement, especially if you have something really really heavy or dark in your system or your life. You can resolve it, it is absolutely possible and now is the time to be doing this awakening work.

And I thought I’d also share the new Online self paced training course. Its about the light body and self healing – just what we all need right.

There is still time to book for this course and its only $140! I do also offer payment plans so if this interests you please enter your details here.

Sending bright love your way ❤ Rhia