“I have been attending Rhia’s Monday meditation group in Toowong for several months now and come out feeling balanced, energised and ready to tackle the challenges of the week every single time. Rhia’s calming voice and positive energy create a stimulating atmosphere within which to really focus on yourself. I have seen the benefits of this weekly meditation and healing in terms of becoming more grateful for what I have, developing love and compassion for myself and creating a strong energetic field that protects me and reaches out to others around me. Rhia makes meditation accessible and allows anyone to be able to reap its benefits. She has extensive knowledge of different aspects and areas of meditation that she is always happy to share. Rhia is always supportive and truly interested in the stories of each and every one of the people she comes in contact with. She goes above and beyond, providing guides, worksheets and advice outside of the classes through Facebook, email and her blog. Attending her class has become a valuable part of my week which I would not want to miss!”  – Lena

My recent LPA session with Rhia was an amazing experience.  It is done remotely, and as suggested, I spent the time meditating and felt a deep calm come over me from the very start.  This sense of calm and peace has stayed with me since, and I am feeling more and more sure of the path ahead of me with each passing day.  I would strongly recommend this process to anyone that is serious about their spiritual development.  KW, Melbourne

Firstly, Rhia is just an absolutely fabulous being/soul! It’s difficult to narrow down just how magnificent and delightful that Rhia is, and how her beautiful power and wisdom has changed my life in many magical ways for the better. 
Before I met Rhia, through another magnificent being/soul, I was dull and feeling lost and unsupported, without direction nor understanding of the magnificent light within me waiting under the surface. I was, to a degree, disconnected from myself. I was deeply struggling with my relationship with myself, and as a result of this struggle I had manifested many difficulties with the relationships that I had in my life and all around me, and the types of people and experiences that I was drawing to my life daily. This was affecting my parenting, and I felt drained and rundown in all areas of my life and being. I was in desperate need to make drastic changes in my life, and more importantly I needed the skills to make these big changes for myself. 
Rhia helped me to find ‘me’. Rhia’s amazing work has been the guiding force that has shown me direction, not only back to my ‘pure essential self’, but in life! 
I am still growing and changing/evolving, I will always be doing this, although now I have firm ground in the process. What makes this experience unique, is the power that Rhia has awakened in me, and the fantastic skills that enable me to strongly maintain my precious self-alignment, staying attuned to my own unique vibrational frequency, and as a result being connected to walking forward in life to achieve my soul’s mission in ways that I could only ever dream about before now. 
My gratitude is loud and proud! Rhia’s beautiful, understanding nature, and her commitment and dedication to re-awakening the power within is like nothing I’ve ever experienced or been part of before. Rhia’s work has pointed my soul in the direction that it needs to go. I finally feel ‘ready’ for life. I finally feel like I know what it is that I need to do ‘here’, in this beautiful ‘now’. I can finally see how it is that my life must unfold, and I feel grounded in all of my decision-making – all of this and more, I have Rhia and her amazing power to thank for. I have unlocked a focus and dedicated-commitment to myself that is more nourishing and loving than any relationship that I’ve ever had outside of myself, and as a result, all of the relationships that I have outside of myself are encouraging, delightful, honest, respectful, and filled with ‘all the good stuff’ that life has to offer. my life has done a complete 360! I am finding myself to be having a most fantastic journey of self-evolution, and I am loving every moment. 
My highest recommendation! Thank you so much Rhia! You are the light.

“After working with Rhia with voice dialogue, I have made so much progress with understanding what is going on in my self and how controlling my different selves can be in how my life has played out. Having this understanding and working with my selves is making my life clearer and having my life go the way i would like it to be.  You could say miracles happen in your life when you can understand the process of being able to plan the life that you would like instead of playing out the life that is controlled by the programmed mind.” – Megan.S Gold Coast

“I have been attending Rhia’s meditation classes since June last year and find myself growing each week through her creative and thoughtful knowledge and experience of the practice. I recently hit a road block, as we do in life, and Rhia suggested I attend a private healing session with her, which is an extension of what we do in class. Through this healing, we managed to unpack a number of self-worth issues that have been holding me back since childhood and we cleared away negative energy. Since then, I have found I am calmer, clearer and more focused. I’m attracting more positive energy through the people I meet, new work opportunities and even some lovely surprises. The day following our healing I won a trip to Bangkok! I look forward to continuing my spiritual journey with Rhia.” -CR

“Rhia is such a wonderfully experienced and dedicated light worker. The collection of tools and wisdoms I’ve learned for self/assisted healing through Rhia have been extremely empowering and positively life changing. The expansion of my self confidence and greatly improved self awareness through Rhia’s continued teaching, support and encouragement during these past few months has been absolutely invaluable!I’m very excited to be a part of Rhia’s course this coming year, knowing there are even greater things to come.” –  “Many blessings to you earth Angel” xo JB

“Hi Rhia,- Thank you so much for your help and your belief in me …. It really has made a great difference in my life. I know I am doing lots of things that are changing my life … but I have to say …… having your knowledge and support is at the foundation of my new found happiness! Lifes just getting better and better!”  – DC

“I’m so grateful for Rhia! I have learnt so much from her in such a short period of time and I’ve done more in-depth work on myself since I’ve known her, than in any other time in my life. I’m growing to be a more empowered person every day. I’m really able now to take control of my life, and it’s all thanks to the wonderful tools and abilities that Rhia has taught me. Never before have I had so much faith in a healer/guide. I have so much faith in Rhia. I have learnt so much about myself since my journey began with Rhia and her wonderful healings!! Go Rhia! You’re an amazing human being!!!”  – KL QLD, Australia.

“Since seeing you, I already feel a change within myself. More in control of my emotions and happier! Thankyou, you’re support is amazing.” – Anon

“I have participated in only three of Rhia’s meditation classes and have learnt so many things about myself during these sessions. I have identified and overcome many fears and have noticed a positive change in my thought patterns. I leave each class feeling relaxed and with a fresh perspective on my day-to-day life. Thank you Rhia for sharing your knowledge and helping me to gain a better understanding of myself. I am so very grateful for your help and can’t put into words what I have seen or felt during these classes. I personally believe that there is no tool more powerful than your thoughts as it is the only thing in life you can truly change or control. I look forward to the next class and my next challenge. Thank you so much. –  Cassie”

“I attended a healing session with Rhia after quitting a toxic job which had left me feeling deflated. The session not only cleared the negative emotions associated with leaving the job, but uncovered some of the underlying causes which keep attracting me to negative work scenarios. As a regular attendee of Rhia’s meditation classes, I can’t recommend her services enough”. –CR Toowong

“Dear Rhia I am writing to express my appreciation for the Distance Healing I received from you on Monday 26th November. You are a professional, ethical practitioner and I felt quite safe throughout the entire procedure. You supported me to identify the root cause of the issue and carefully guided me through the healing process. That process was deeply profound.
I thank you for the strengthening/consolidating tools you taught me – I will use them for the rest of my life. The aftermath of the Healing has been extremely pleasurable. Anxiety has been replaced with calmness, ability to concentrate, retain information and plan. Within 24 hours I felt inspired and like magic, the information and resources that I had struggled with became available and continue to do so. I highly recommend your Distance Healing to anyone who reads this and I am sincerely grateful that I had the good fortune to access your skills.”- Anon

“From a males prospective, I was very hesitant towards attending meditation classes due to the possibility of it being a more female dominate environment. Although some of Rhia’s classes have been a mixture of both sexes, I have never felt awkward or out of place. Rhia has an amazing ability to personalise and tailer each session to every member whilst still maintaining your own personal space and privacy. Her experience and professionalism is something to aspire towards and she is always willing to provide further information and guidance if required. I have never been more at peace with myself than what I have under the guidance of Rhia”.

Rhia, you are a true professional and if there were more people like you on this earth it would be a much better place. Peace RK

“A few weeks ago, I experienced a Life Purpose activation session with Rhia. It was the most enlightening and freeing experience I have ever been through. I live in Victoria, I flew to Brisbane as I knew in my heart that this was exactly what I needed at that moment. It was well worth the trip. Thank you Rhia, wherever you are from; you are an amazingly, beautiful gift to behold. ♥♥” – PN
“Rhia, i just did the meditation on the CD you sent me. I think that was the most beautiful experience of my life. As it came to an end I thought I don’t want to leave this place. Well it’s an hour later and I am still in Utopia. I cannot wait for the beautiful things to start happening in my life. Thank you SO MUCH!” – Valerie xx
“Many thanks for your skilled presentation to Introductory Voice Dialogue today, Rhia.  The theory was specific and provided a sound understanding for the later practical demonstrations of process.  And your patience in allowing so many questions from participants during the day was also very much appreciated, and very helpful.  I am really looking forward to Voice Dialogue 2 when it is available”.  Best wishes, Sylvia
“I have recently had some healings from Rhia and I can honestly say that I feel like I have moved mountains!  Before my first healing I felt very ‘contracted’, all tied up in knots and very tense, after my first session my body felt more relaxed and I could feel myself becoming freer.  I have now had 3 sessions and I feel better and better.  I know that emotionally I feel much less stressed and able to cope more easily – I feel almost like I have awoken after a long period of hibernation and am now ready for my life to begin!  I would recommend Rhia to anyone!” -MD Brisbane
“Hi Rhia, I just wanted to let you know that since the healing you gave us on Wednesday night, my meditations to your CD have been at least 10 times deeper. I have experienced releases and sensations, pain (which I breathed out) and feeling grounded – literally, like I was being sucked into the ground! Absolutely fantastic experience – not to mention the after effects. I hope to be telling you about my manifestations soon. Thanks again Rhia, you are brilliant.” VM”I attended a Michael Rowland Voice Dialogue Seminar at which Rhia was a facilitator.  I found her to be a very effective and skilled facilitator. She put me at ease through my first experience of Voice Dialogue and has since helped lead me to a greater understanding of myself throughout the process.  I highly recommend her.”-  Ambika Byron Bay”What attracted me to Rhia’s seminar is the wording. “Find Your Money Making Personality” I enrolled and I found Rhia very intelligent, attractive, kind & very knowledgeable. The Course is really cutting edge and feasible. You get lots of value and information for your money.”- L. Paulet. Brisbane”Rhia was a challenging yet supportive catalyst for change I needed to experience. I was, my business was, stuck in a rut, she gave me the clarity that inspired action which in turn has launched me and my business to a better place”. – Malcolm. Brisbane”Introduction to voice dialogue gave me a far greater insight into myself, my motivations, and reactions. I learned about our range of sub personalities and the positive power of the higher self, or aware ego. Rhia’s teaching style is empathetic, intelligent and practical. I’d recommend this to anyone seeking to progress in their personal and professional relationships.” Chris, 41, Toowong.

“Having tried many other ‘self help’ modalities, I made an appointment to see Rhia.  Although slightly skeptical at first, from the first session I could feel the energy shifts occurring as I sat there, accessing parts of me, ‘selves’ which I was totally unaware of and which in some cases were holding me back, hindering my spiritual  and physical progress.  I found the process fascinating, always very beneficial. Rhia uses a technique, which seems too simple to be effective, but my life changed totally and I was able to move forward in areas where previously I had felt frustrated and quite desperate. Make an appointment – I promise you will not be sorry.” Valerie, Brisbane

“I met Rhia at a Voice Dialogue Training weekend in Byron Bay last year and found her to be a very good facilitator of the group session, she is lovely as a person and has a very calm aura. She really makes it easy to work in the sessions,  by being able to demonstrate in a relaxed manner.”-  Lynda Brisbane

“Meditation is that thing weird people do, or so I thought, until I met Rhia and started talking about my 18-months of roller coaster emotional ride after my separation and the difficulties that I was experiencing making sense of it all and the major question ‘What is the purpose of life?’ After some prompting from Rhia and encouragement from my counselor I attended a basic 1 day course facilitated by Rhia. The course was held in a relaxed environment and the people attending came from different back grounds, and social groups, no weirdo’s, just people furthering their spiritual growth or like me asking ‘What is the purpose of life?’. The course introduced me to the various methods of meditation as different methods work better for different people.

For me the two that work the best is the verbalization of a mantra and visualization of an image. I have now been practicing these methods for several months and together with my ongoing counseling, feel more grounded, have a better understanding of life and have re-connected with spiritually. Have I found the answer to the question ‘What is the purpose of life?’ not yet but I know that it is different for each individual and I am well on my way discovering my own purpose, and feel with time meditation will guide me to discover it.

I can strongly recommend the meditation course, facilitated by Rhia to anybody wanting to grow spiritually and improve their own self-discovery.” – Arno , 33  Brisbane

“I’ve been attending Rhia’s mediation classes at Toowong and have found them to be a powerful, healing and constructive way forward with my life. They are extremely valuable in that we examine what has been occurring in our lives that week, go into a guided meditation, undertake a healing, and then evaluate our experience afterwards. I’ve been going to meditation all over the world for several years, and have found Rhia’s classes to be the best yet.” – Chris, 41, Toowong

“As part of professional development our mental health team took part in an all-day Voice Dialogue training presented by Rhia. I found the day to be informative, engaging and very relevant, not only to the work we do but very useful in understanding our own selves and behaviour.

Even in such a short time, staff were able to adapt basic techniques they learned and use them in practical work with our clients. I highly recommend this training to anyone interested in Voice Dialogue and its practical uses.” – Daniel Baddiley, Mental Health Coordinator

“ I found the meditation sessions extremely powerful and really good for my mind. Being able to keep my mind focused and grounded. It’s a really personal experience” – Kim

“Meditation class is good, very powerful and works on several levels” – Kathy

“I have known Rhia for some years now and was given her details from Michael Rowland author of Absolute Happiness and actor and producer of the DVD Being in Heaven and is world known for his work in the Personal Development Industry as Rhia has worked and trained with him and his team.

Rhia came very highly recommended to me as I was looking for help with my life and had read a lot about Hal and Sidra Stone’s method of Voice Dialogue and having done quite a lot of personal development myself my life was still not where I wanted it to be so I felt Voice Dialogue would be well worth a try.

I contacted Rhia and moved forward into having a few sessions with her. Well I must say I was quite shocked on how powerful this method was and within the first 2 sessions I was already turning my life around and healing much more deeply than I could ever have imagined I have never looked back and now am learning this wonderful method of voice dialogue so I myself can help my own family.

Rhia has been a wonderful healer for me and also now a great teacher I have attended her workshops and I now attend her weekly meditation on the gold coast and have also brought people along with me who are loving the healing meditation very much it is a great class and I enjoy the friendships I am creating with the other members. I can now say I myself highly recommend Rhia very much for whatever it is you are looking for she will make you feel very comfortable straight away as Rhia has a wonderful caring heart she is a natural at what she does”. – Colleen  50 Gold Coast

The Journey
Testimony to Rhia Valentine

The Journey; the journey forward, Life’s path, Destiny, Perfect timing, Support, Balance; only you can journey on your path – the unknown, changes, don’t give up! Take action, truth, wisdom and moving.

Charging; Energetic, boost, replenishment, power surge, crystals to recharge your energy, Love, lightning bolts, incoming light codes from beyond, help getting to the next step, Teacher.

Rhia Valentine is both the positive charge and force of the Universe and the journey in which it takes you on. My time with Rhia has been nothing short of amazing and everything more.

I began my time with Rhia, depressed and miserable – I was stuck in life, I felt dull and I was circling and spiralling in every direction. I came from a terrible past – filled with lies, abuse, violence and chaos; I was a broken instrument of the Universe – I lacked the ability to sing my own song, to scribe my own journey and path in life, under all of the heaviness of negativity – many times I was near to death. Death beckoned me to follow it many times in my life before now – it whispered into my sad and lonely mind, telling me to take my life, to give it away to ‘death’. I spent my time terrified – the scariest person in my life was me. Above all the fear that I had for everything else – I was most terrified of myself, my weakness and my sadness. Over the years before my journey with Rhia my sadness took me to many places I did not want to go – I felt pulled by the weight of it – it was a beast made up of all of the terrifying and terrible things which had happened to me over the years and the people involved – Rhia and I figured this out – and we worked at this monster in all of its forms – it was an epic battle – an epic adventure.

Through the battle and the adventure, Rhia was by my side the whole time – she was always with me – her encouragement – her words of wisdom; all empowering me toward my destiny – to be the light.

Rhia is most incredibly beautiful, and it is a gift that such a dear and wonderful soul walks this Earth; she bares many gifts and has incredible power – words cannot describe the magnificent power of this incredible soul that is Rhia.

Rhia is a Teacher, a Student and a Friend. She is so willing to learn as much as she gives and teaches. She has an understanding and open heart – she is the beautiful rainbow who has sent me home to my own heart and my own soul, where now my journey can begin. I have tremendous compassion and love for this beautiful person. My life has changed forever, and I am no longer in the dark – nor will I ever be. I am happy to have left behind the pain that was so crippling to me. It is no longer here – ANYMORE. Rhia’s greatness, strength and power is the most brilliant I have ever encountered – it is as free as the Universe itself, and it only takes one small moment in her presence, to see it and experience it for yourself to know that it is true.

Rhia is so dedicated to elevating peace within every living thing; her purity astounds me. Rhia, not once, gave up on me through my whole journey – it was something that I searched for, for many years – Rhia is a healer who will hold your hand and lead you to your freedom until you are at its doorstep. I am so proud and honoured to have met her. Words cannot describe my full gratitude – all I know is that I feel it every single day without fail – it is the most natural feeling that I can possibly embrace, along with my ‘now’ overflowing abundance of Love in my heart and soul.

Rhia showed me to my power and re-elevated my soul to a place of endless peace, power, balance and freedom. It is because of Rhia and her beautiful soul that I am FREE. And nothing can take me away from this freedom inside of myself.

Rhia enabled me to completely open up – her ability to make you feel heard and accepted is truly incredible and out of this world – she is the most beautiful person I know. I am so grateful! I am so thankful! I admire this woman’s – this soul’s – incredible awe-inspiring power! She is a gift – an Angel and I love her deeply for she has given me my life and my truth. Namaste ❤ Thank you so much Rhia!

“In November 2012, Rhia facilitated an inspiring and uplifting Team building morning session for our group of Early Childhood Educators. Rhia is such a passionate, knowledgeable teacher and trainer. Rhia and I met a couple of times before to discuss some of the requirements and identified outcomes for the session. Rhia tailored the day to suit our centre needs and able to cater to all budgets. The morning tea was delicious with a delicious selection of seasonal fruits, fresh juices, speciality teas and healthy muffins, catering for all dietary requirements.  Rhia’s, session was practical, fun and flowed; combining practices of Yoga/Meditation/Chanting (catering for all levels from complete novices like myself to advanced so no one felt uncomfortable). An uplifting motivated, fun Teambuilding session followed. Our staff walked away feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and motivated as a team. I would definitely recommend any of Rhia’s sessions to everyone!” – Toowong Child Care Staff


3 thoughts on “Testimonials

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  2. I have learnt quite a few healing modalities and seen expansion of my Aura over all these years..but nothing was as life changing and empowering as the light body activation performed by Rhia…I felt instant clarity in my thoughts at all levels . The techniques used by Rhia are tailored as per individual soul requirements always with highest good of all set as intention. … the light language audio recorded during the activation literally helps you travel across the dimensions to bring in your own light back to your own selves. There was an instant sense of clarity, self confidence, calmness which has stayed since then..my soul expansion has absolutely taken off in full speed. ..I am learning and growing every moment with so much love and light coming through….most important aspect of Rhia’s work is that all her work is to help us step up in to our own powers.She is very thorough and committed to her work as real professional but not shrewd. Her gentle lovingly ACCURATE guidance allows you to shed all your baggage at your pace and step in to your own power.
    I want to thank Rhia whole heartedly for all her support and bringing so much love and light to the planet…to me she is The Best💖

  3. I am writing this testimonial with great pride and immense pleasure for the love light activation performed by Rhia . I had love light body activation about 4 days ago and wow my life is just so different….Although the activation was done at distance, I could feel all my chakras expanding and my heart connecting to my higher heart-becoming one and in alignment with the cosmic heart. I literary came out of meditation laughing…I felt best ever!! During the mediation I could feel Rhia’s determination and courage.. This was all before I received my audio. After listening to the audio my first reaction was “WOW how did this little girl manage all this power” I know audios as very individual and mine was really LOUD- May be they thought they had to really scream at me to make me listen..lol… Jokes apart- the audio is so very soothing & resonates with every aspect of my being just perfectly.
    Soon after activation I started releasing so many strong bonds, which were no longer in alignment with my soul purpose. All this with grace and love in a way which was immediate but not abrasive…pain was felt but very temporary and replaced by unconditional love immediately…JOY GRATITUDE has just become my natural way of being!! I keep hearing the words “I love you I love you I love you” inside me, around me all the time and I am freely saying it to others around me too – and response to this is wonderful. People look at me with surprise initially then when they can see the genuineness in my eyes- there is a spark in their eyes too and reply “I luv u too”- in reality it is not only to me- it is them telling themselves YES they are worth LOVE 🙂
    I am sharing this story not only to testify Rhia but to INVITE all of you who feel the call to get this activation….There are many many levels of light body one can activate and many dimensions one can rise…at the moment we are blessed with many light begins to help us rise to our potential. But not all can activate LOVE light body. IT IS PURE AND UNCONDITIONAL….Rhia does it with so much ease and grace. She is there to support you through out and has that inner strength and courage of the soul to help you rise through all and any of the accumulated karmas/debris/anything!!
    I am sincerely grateful to the universe for connecting me with Rhia and immensely thankful to Rhia who is a friend, a guide, a mentor, a mother and more all at one time. Looking forward to continue my journey….xxoxx

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