Unhooking and Moving Forward – Audio

The purpose of this technique is to Support you to move forward from –

  • Any patterns
  • Experiences
  • Habits
  • Relationships


Anything really  – that you feel you want to move forward from, particularly those people or situations  who you feel are very difficult to deal with, either on a personal level or at work.

You may also use it to help let go of strong emotional attachments , or things, such as cigarettes, alcohol, poker machines, unhealthy foods, or an old car or a house that you have been unable to sell.

UnhookingAnything that can be visualised can be influenced by this technique. So this technique is about your inner world, your body/ mind/ energy system.

I want to make it very clear that doing this technique, this inner work is about clearing energetic and emotional attachments – patterns within your own system. And in no way, will harm or cause damage to the people or situations you are unhooking from. In fact cutting these old stagnant patterns and connections in this way and then lifting these people or situations into source is a positive thing. An act of service. The process is very simple, very powerful and very cleansing.

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