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Voice dialogueIn Psychology, it is now well known, that the ‘personality’ is actually made up many different aspects, or ‘sub-personalities’. You and I don’t have just one personality. The personality is actually a collection of subpersonalities. Each subpersonality has its own identity and individuality….and in a way you already know this.

By the way, this is nothing to do with split personality disorder which is a clinical illness. This is how all healthy people really are. You can see this multitude of different subpersonalities or selves in your own life, right now. The way you relate to your children is different to the way you relate to your parents. The way you relate to your boss is different to the way you relate when you are out socialising with friends. The energy you feel when you are making love is different to the one you express when you are playing sport or studying for an exam and so on….

Haven’t you found this to be true in your life?

Most people, through their upbringing, get locked into and limited by, a small group of these subpersonalities. They express only a tiny percentage of themselves. This is almost inevitable in a modern “civilised” society, where we all have to deal with a large variety of circumstances every day at home, school, work and socially. And this small group of subpersonalities, whether you are aware of them or not, create your whole life experience…. Your patterns in relationship with others, your inner feelings and emotions, your leisure activities, your career and financial realities, your health, creative expression, etc. If your life’s experiences are not playing out in the way you want, it is no use only looking for an outside cause. It is vital to consider the workings of the subpersonalities within your mind.

Using affirmations, visualizations and the many other personal growth techniques is fine. However without knowledge of your subpersonalities, it is very tough to make a relationship, & other areas of your life work. It is a fascinating and mind expanding experience that you will remember for years to come, and which could be the turning point in your life and journey.

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Here are some excellent links to explanations and examples of Voice Dialogue

Would you like to learn more about Voice Dialogue?

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Body Dialogue with Rhia Valentine

Deep within our bodies a vast reservoir of knowledge and information is stored. Body Dialogue taps into this information and creates opportunity for conscious communications. The beauty of the body dialogue process is the opportunity to connect with all levels of the system. The mind, the emotions, the energies and the physical.

The very process of Dialoguing creates an expansion and a release, often shifting old emotional contractions and traumatic experiences in a supportive and conscious space.

As well as detailed and insightful knowledge of the “self”… I highly recommend Body Dialogue to any body wanting to consciously heal or grow.

This is best Voice Dialogue site and links directly to the work by Hal and Sidra Stone (the developers of the system):


Click the button below to sign up for a free monthly e-course and tips on Voice Dialogue.  The button will take you to the web site of Dr Hal and Sidra Stone, developers of the Voice Dialogue method :

Free e-course on Voice Dialogue

If you want to create an ever deepening, enjoyable relationship and a life that gets more Interesting and fulfilling each day – I highly recommend understanding Voice Dialogue, a totally unique personal growth system.Dr Hal and Sidra Stone, both PhD’s with over 70 years experience between them, developed this brilliant work.

It has been an invaluable tool in helping me create a happy, balanced life, closer, loving relationships, self confidence, good health and a career I love.


4 thoughts on “Voice Dialogue

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  2. I highly recommend this course with Rhia, its Brilliant and so worth it.
    My experience has been one of aw and Ah ha moments through out.

    Firstly I touched base with this concept at one of the meditation evenings then at a personal session with Rhia that totally BLEW my mind then going along to the day long seminar
    “Voice Dialogue” helped it to all click together and really gel with me, that once I left there I was experiencing things at home by myself and understanding why things were the way they are or why things happened that way.
    So now I have some new tools to continue on my journey of self discovery.
    I have spent lots of money on other programs but this one really teaches you about YOU!!! I wish I had of done this course first before all the others because this really is a foundation course in oneself. Nothing else matters if you dont first start with this great foundation.

    I am a person who is open minded but also always questioning and asking for proof. Well!!! I was continually throughout my experiences with Voice dialog with Rhia blown away by all the different sensations, visuals, emotions and Real stuff that just kept going on and still is.

    Thank you so much Rhia for your tender and caring approach to conect me back to my self.
    I look forward to more journeys with you.


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